Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 132 - 168.6 - Okay I can stop now

So I was officially noticed by young men in a pickup truck today. I guess I can stop losing weight now.

I was walking back to my car after lunch with Hubby, in my new black skort (size 10) and black & white small-plaid top (which is a Large and used to be super tight on me--I actually used to wear it with a white shell underneath because it wouldn't button... now I can pinch 2 extra inches of fabric on either side of my waist, but it looks cute still and there are no fat rolls visible in this top).

My legs are looking pretty good thanks to running and the daily self-tanning lotion from Jergens I use now. I was glancing through a new book I picked up at Border's after lunch while walking to the car, and I hear "HEY!" I looked up, and saw the "HEY" was for me. "HEY" and a big wave from a young male hanging out the window of a pick up, with another young male in the middle seat straining his neck to see me.

I smiled a bemused smile and pushed the button to unlock my car. I got in and thought, Huh. That hasn't happened since, oh, almost never.

It cracks me up that the Male Species reacts the way they do to an Unknown Female they find attractive. What do they think this "HEY" and wave and craning neck will get them?

I really could care less. They made my day.