Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 129 - 169.4 / My Fast Run

I ran a mile yesterday in 10:20. ONE MILE IN TEN MINUTES AND TWENTY SECONDS.

I amaze myself sometimes.

Warm up walk for .25 miles, then I just hit it hard at 5.8 mph. The first 1/4 mile was no big deal. Then the next 1/4 was tough. I did my usual psych out of "just go one more tenth and you can slow down." At .75 miles I thought I was going to die. But by God, I told myself, you can run for 2 more minutes, what's 2 more minutes of your life? You can do this, you are already doing this (I stole that line from The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club).

And I did it. I was the Monica Selas of the treadmill, I was huffing and puffing so loudly. This pace is clearly FAST for me. But I didn't have a heart attack or anything and I imagine the next time will be "easier."

My next run is a fartlek run, which I already do occasionally and really enjoy. That run will be on Thursday.

BTW, I'm following an 8-week 5K training program from About.com. WS, I checked out the smartcoach on Runners World (thanks for the suggestion!), and it is awesome but a bit advanced for me right now. I really just want to run 3.1 miles without walking. According to this plan, that should happen in 5 weeks. At week 7, I'll run 4 miles, which seems unbelievable to me, but so did running a mile in just over 10 minutes just a few months ago.

I'm learning that anything is possible if I just get my ass out there and do it.

Tonight is Cardio Kick Boxing. And yes, my gym rocks and the best part about it is their Kid's Club--it's fabulous and Sophie and Luke like it there. Happy kids = less guilt for Mom who loves her workouts but hates putting kids in daycare after work.

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Grumpy Chair said...

I jogged on treadmill today - did intervals: 2 mins jogs/2 min recovery. 5.0 mph was super fast for me.

I bet I will see you doing an LA WL ad one day soon!!! Though it is YOU not LA WL that is doing all the hard work.

All I can say is Wow!!