Monday, June 25, 2007

Day 128 - Back to 169.8 / Sundays

Sundays are becoming one of my favorite days of the week. Because there are two classes at the gym that I love, and I get to take them back to back.

The first is called C3-- it's cardio, core, calisthenics. We use the step, the Reebok core board, hand weights, jump rope, and the track. I've taken the class from 3 different instructors and each one has kicked my ass. I couldn't have done this class 3 months ago. As it is, I'm still the slowest one around the track when we do sprints. But, by golly, I'm there and I don't wimp out half way through and I finish that class strong.

The second is Pilates. Depending on the instructor, this is a tough class or an easy stretch and and strengthen class. Yesterday it was tough. And I was tired after C3. So some of the moves I just couldn't do or hold, but I did what I could and stuck it out.

2 hours in the gym really does it for me, relaxation wise. It's unbelievable how GOOD I feel afterwards. I've done something just for me, all by myself, and it's fanfreakingtastic.

And that feeling--which has nothing to do with food or weight loss--is what keeps me coming back to the gym every day.

Today--3rd run in my 5K training. It's "one mile fast," but I'm not sure what fast, for me, is yet. I'll find out today.


ws said...

you must have a kick*ss gym if they have an indoor track and such high-end classes and it seems worth it if you leave feeling THAT good. I swear my gym membership lulled me into chubbiness!

"One mile fast" is different for everyone, but if you are on a treadmill, you could do a 1/4 mile warm-up, start running at a comfortable pace and increase the pace as you progress through the mile. You'll be surprised by the pace you are running when you get to the end of the mile.

Lori said...

You know, I've said this before but I was always so proud and impressed with you. When I first "met" you, you wre running at a much, much higher weight. I was thinking, "Dang, if I can lose some weight, maybe I can do that."

Your gym does sound really nice and you look so cute, Laura, in your photo.