Monday, April 28, 2014

April update

I'm sorry it's been so long.  I have been swamped at work and have very little free time to write.  And after work I spend as little time as possible on my phone and I never get on my laptop (can't tell you the last time I checked Facebook--I've pretty much unplugged).  40 hours a week on the computer at work is more than enough, even thought it's all work and very little play. 

Work is going really well for me.  I passed my certification test on April 7 (aced it--93/100).  I feel like I'm making a contribution to people's lives.  We had our spring graduation ceremony Friday, and I gave the benediction, which I got lots of compliments on.  I didn't know any of the students, but it was still really special to be on stage in graduation regalia (all the staff and instructors wear gowns and hoods and sit on stage with the graduates) and be part of the event.  I now can add graduations to funerals and weddings as places I always cry. 

We are wrapping up the school year--only 4 weeks left.  I'm planning summer camps and all that.  Kids should have a good mix of having fun at theater camp and one other camp (which is outdoors) and being lazy bums at home.  Sophie will watch Luke for a lot of the time they are just home, with my mom hopefully keeping them a day or two to break it up.  

Luke's had terrible allergy issues.  He has missed a few days of school, because he can't sleep at night.  I washed everything in his room and that has helped keep his night time reactions down. Started giving him claritin at night instead of morning (and REAL claritin, not generic--I talked to one mom who said generic doesn't work for her son or husband, and by golly, the brand name stuff is making a difference) and he's using his qvar inhaler twice a day again.  He started back up on ADHD meds, and this one so far is just right for him. He can focus but it's not shutting him down. 

Sophie is doing very well.  A's and one B (math) in school and her back is doing great.  We go to St Louis for her 6 month (!!) check up on May 19.  Cannot believe it's been almost 6 months.  She turns 13 (!!!) on May 25.  

Mark is doing really well at work by himself, although he says it does get lonely without me.  The other three guys there are connected at the hip, and for whatever reason they don't include Mark in anything.  It was like that since before I left, but he just feels it more with me gone.  At home, has has taken over a huge amount of chores--he almost always does the kids' laundry and towels every weekend.  He grocery shops for himself.  He keeps us stocked on grilled chicken and beef (he buys, grills, and freezes).  He takes the recycles out to the big bin outside.  My working 40 hours a week isn't an issue at all, with him picking up all these chores. 

My depression has gotten better, although I still don't feel out of the woods.  I'm going to see the nurse practitioner Friday to talk about new meds.  

I'm still going to OA, but not working my program as I should be.  I'm on the 4th step, and haven't done anything with it yet.  I've gained some weight--I was 160 this weekend.  I'm not eating desserts, but I eat too many refined foods and am still not running, so I've gained.  I can still wear my clothes, though, thankfully. 

We're planning a trip to Florida in July.  It's been 3 years since our last big vacation.  Kids are excited. I'm nervous that it's going to cost too much, just hoping Mark can make enough extra to cover it.  We have our plane tickets already ($960 for four of us from Owensboro, KY, flying direct to Orlando-Sanford on Allegiant--that cost includes 2 checked bags and 2 carry on bags, which isn't much for a 10 day trip, so I'm going to have to pack smart!).  We are going to New Smyrna beach (Atlantic side) on 7/4, then going to Orlando to Universal Studios (Harry Potter world) for two days, then going to Clearwater Beach (Gulf side) for the rest of the trip.  So lots of relaxation.  We may try to go down to the Kennedy Space Center when we're in New Smyrna, since it's close.  Other than that and Universal, it's all beach time.   I'd welcome your input if any of you have been to these places. 

That's all I have time for today. Thanks for thinking of me!  Hugs to you all.