Friday, June 08, 2007

This might be bad

I was still full from a fabulous (on plan) lunch with my husband when it was time to work out, so I did the next best thing-- went shopping.

Now, for the past umpteen years my closet has been filled with Avenue, Dress Barn, the occasional piece from Lane Bryant (God help me, I hated shopping there), and sometimes JC Penney.

Our mall got a Dillard's a few months ago, and it's been my go-to place for accessories ever since. DH loves their clothes and shoes, and he got my anniversary present of a Ralph Lauren robe there. (That robe is a Large and he bought it for me when I was still almost 200 pounds; it fits perfectly now. I have the matching night gown in Medium that is the ultimate skinny girl nightie--long, silky, dark blue, very curve hugging, and gorgeous. I can't wear it--yet. But I'm getting closer.)

ANYWAY, I went to Dillard's just to try on some NICE clothes for a change.

Oh. My. God.

What I have been missing, I had no idea.

See, the last time I was thin, I was shopping at Lerner and Express and The Limited. I was 23 and worked at the mall, so what would you expect?

Now that I'm all grows up, me likes me some nice fabric.

And, come to find out, designer clothing is totally into vanity sizing, so I can wear 10's in Michael Kors and some Italian label I've never heard of (it must be nice though-- I got a $132 skirt for $30). The Michael Kors denim skirt is adorable. It wasn't on sale ($79) but it was a size TEN so I had to buy it, of course. I bought a Michael Kors white eyelet top (on sale for $29) in a size 12 because they didn't have a 10, but it fit okay and is cute with the skirt.

I also bought a dressy sweater in a SMALL that fit (it's tight, but it's for FALL) for $10. And a white button down blouse in a SMALL, for $7.50. It's for Fall, too, and it fit but was snug. SMALL and FALL--must be fate.

I splurged and bought a $50 black straight skirt for work in a 10. It barely fits, but I could zip it up and even fasten the eyelet hook. But I can't really sit down in it, not without holding my breath, and that might be a problem, having to stand up every time I need to breathe. The 12 fit perfectly--absofreakingperfectly--and I don't want it to fit well. I wanted it small, because my butt is going to fit in that baby in another 10 pounds. And that skirt wasn't a designer--just some career label that Dillard's carries.

Shopping and skinny just naturally go together. However, unlike starlets and hotel heiresses, I do not have unlimited supplies of money. So I may have a problem.

It is a problem I'm willing to live with.

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