Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 105 - 174 - 30 pounds lost

Today marks 30 pounds lost (on my scale). I almost didn't believe the number this morning and had to rub my eyes and look twice. 174. The weight is just melting off. Wow.

I was at the gym every day this week. Monday through Friday. I ran 4 out of 5 days. One day I ran 28 minutes straight and did 5K in 36:39, which is the fastest and longest I've gone, running-wise. Another day I had little time and only did 2 miles on the treadmill. The past two days I've done strength classes-- pilates Thursday and Weights Friday (I ran 20 minutes before weights class).

The exercise has got to be making a huge difference. Plus, I just finished my period so I'm lighter on the inside. And my food has been on track with an occasional extra starch, but that's it.

The size 12 pants I bought last Friday at Dress Barn were very loose yesterday. I was a little upset! Which is stupid, but they are brand new. I have a pair in khaki that I'm taking back and getting the--I can't believe this--size 10s. I hope they fit me and the loose navy pair isn't just a fluke. Everything else in 12 still looks okay, so I'm guessing these just run big.

I'm taking today off from exercise. My body is sore... I pushed it at weights class yesterday.

Hoping for sunshine (even though we need the rain badly) and we'll take the kids to the pool today. Other than that, absolutely no plans. Love. It.

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