Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 119 - 171 - Hotel Behaviors

In the past, the Old Laura would have been excited about an overnight trip to a nice hotel because of room service. I adore room service--the heaviness of the tray, the silverware polished brightly, the tiny jam jars, and the food, of course. Even if I don't have time to order room service on a quick trip, I still look at the room service menu as one of my first orders of business in my home away from home.

This trip to French Lick was a revelation of the New Laura. New Laura looked at the fitness center to make sure it had decent treadmills. New Laura worked out at 9 p.m. (10 p.m. local time!) and did 30 minutes of running/walking on a super duper fancy treadmill. New Laura didn't order room service (although, I did look at the menu as I was looking through the hotel book--old habits and all).

New Laura enjoyed dinner with strangers (and my husband) at the conference dinner in a cute little black dress and felt comfortable in my skin, not unworthy and embarrassed by every bite I put in my mouth. New Laura took one bite of the chocolate bread pudding, and pushed it aside. New Laura stayed on plan during a mini break. No excuses, no "I'm on a holiday so I'll treat myself."

It felt amazing.

I'm rewarded by the All Mighty Scale, who shows me at 171 today. 1.2 pounds away from a new decade and ever closer to my goal.

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Grumpy Chair said...

That is great!! I always looked at the hotel room service menu after settling in to the room.

I hope next time I'm in a hotel, I have your power!!! Of course, since I no longer travel for business and only have occasion to stay at hotels with family I don't have to worry about "room service!"