Saturday, June 23, 2007

Day 126 - 170.8

Up a pound from a few days ago-- perhaps because of TTOM on the verge of starting, and perhaps because I've had PMS food attacks. They've not been terrible, but even an extra 400 calories a couple days in a row can impact the scale. Ah well. It will go down.

Had a great workout today. I was determined to hit 400 calories on the treadmill, then after I did that, decided what's 12 more minutes? So I went a full hour. I walked the last 10 minutes slowly, at 3.5 mph, taking long strides. My behind really felt it.

Then I did 5 pushups (drum roll please) on my TOES. I had tried one at home the other night, and squeked out 2. I was feeling so great after my hour of cardio, I got out a mat in the free weights area, did 5 minutes of abs then flipped over, got into plank and did 5 strong pushups. Then did 10 more on my knees. Then went into plank on my elbows and held it for about a minute, just to show off. =)

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ws said...

"just to show off" - that's great. When people give me weird looks at the gym I pull a few great exercises out of my arsenal - one is kneeling on a stability ball and the other is holding a plank with my forearms on one ball and my toes on another. People usually stop questioning my "strange" routine after those two moves. I know the TTOM struggles, hope it passes quickly.