Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 116 - 174.6

So, a 2 pound gain since Monday. Do ya think eating out yesterday at lunch could cause a 2 pound water weight gain? I'm thinking yes. All I had was the broccoli (in a butter/teriyaki/garlic sauce--OMG it doesn't get any better than that) and 2 1/2 chicken satay skewers (out of 6, and I was STUFFED) dipped occasionally in a honey/curry sauce. We love eating at Cheeseburger in Paradise, mainly because they have a little "beach" outside where Sophie plays while we eat. And their food is excellent.

I'm also guessing I'm retaining H2O from my mid-month cycle fluctuation and maybe from my workouts Sunday and Monday (which left my legs screaming and are still sore).

Don't ya love how I can rationalize a gain?!

Thanks to the Grumpy Chair Dieter for including me in her list of blogs for Thinking Bloggers and teaching me how to link in my posts (so easy, but I'm SO behind the curve =). I'm noodling on who to include. I've seen a lot of my favorites already included, and want to share the wealth with other newbies like me, so it may take a week or so before I pay it forward. I'm happy to, though--it's awesome to discover new blogs and inspiration.

I have a lot on my mind but no time to get into it. Work and family keep getting in the way of my blogging time, darn it. More later....


Grumpy Chair said...

I vote for water retention. Teriyaki sauce is probably salty.

Drink water, water, water. (blech).

I hope Sophie is feeling better today.

jen said...

I agree with Alicia. Teriyaki sauce is mostly soy sauce. And the lunch sounds wonderful. :)