Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Do you have a Medium in that?

One of the nice things about shopping for clothes at the same store on a regular basis is that I know the size is consistent. That is, I know that if I'm now a size 10 at Dress Barn, that I am 4 sizes smaller than I was when I was at my heaviest.

I was a size 10 when I weighed 145 pounds at age 23, so sizes have changed. I've read this, I know this, but it's a reality for me now that I see size 10 on my clothing tags and I'm still 25 pounds heavier than I was 14 years ago.

But, hell. It's a 10. Wow.

Yesterday at Dress Barn, I tried on all Medium tops. Every one of them fit. I am a size M on top. No back fat, no belly roll, no muffin top. The Girls need a little better bra to look their best, so that's on plan for this week. But all in all, I was so pleased with my reflection in the mirror in the changing room.

Today I went to J. Jill at the mall to get some skirts to match those tops. Since they were having a sale, I got 2 mediums, a size 12, and a small. If I could wear the tags on the outside of my clothes, I would.

What's so cool is, that I shopped in J. Jill. I walked by Lane Bryant, and walked into a skinny girl's store. And bought skinny girl skirts. And they fit and look good.

And now I have to stop, because I have a lovely summer wardrobe that fits and I am comfortable in, and I am not made of money (even at sale prices, this stuff adds up). So this will be the last post on clothing for the season. I promise.


ws said...

That mile time is awesome - you'll keep improving speed and stamina.

Vanity sizing definitely has pros and cons. The self-esteem boost is always nice.

The only time that having a large frame has worked in my favor is that I've always worn a smaller size than my weight would suggest. At my heaviest (around 185-190 between 1998/99-2001) I was wearing a 14 - probably because most stores weren't carrying 16's yet.

RE: my marathon training. I only run four days a week. Someone can finish a marathon running a lot fewer miles - probably around 30 miles a week or so. I'm just insane. It is time consuming, but it is rewarding as well. Besides, I have very few responsibilities. I work from home, so basically I just need to work, and I have to pay my bills.

Grumpy Chair said...

The day I can wear a medium top, will be the day I am satisfied (me, personally)with my size. Since I have always been large chested even when I was skinny, I had to wear size large to fit across my chest but the arms holes were always too big.

Look at Dillards for Wacoal bras. The Best!!! Usually run around $52-$56 - for beige, white and black. If you don't mind pink or lavender ones - those are sometimes on sale for $36. Worth the money.

Vickie said...

I think my black ones were about $36 at Macy's with a coupon slip (one day shopping thing that applied to whole store that came with my statement). I am loving all your posts. You remind me a lot of last summer and where I was and shopping and getting used to my body. Really good memories and I have been enjoying stopping by each day to see what is going on with you.

Lori said...

About bras, another thing is to see what size you are and check ebay. I've gotten some nice ones for a lot cheaper.

The only thing about going to different sizes for me is the concept of going somewhere else. I think that's why I'm living at Talbot's. I know the store, I know the layout and I don't have to search because going out of my old (and current) comfort zone is scary.

I'm just so happy for you! A ten!! Whoo whoo! And the "regular" J. Jill side for you. Keep up the good work with the running. Your time will definitely improve.