Monday, April 02, 2007

D@MN! Down 3.6 pounds this week-- Day 44 - 46.4 lbs to go

In the words of Leo from Little Einsteins (inside preschooler joke), "I canNOT beLIEVE IT!" Since last Monday, I've lost 3.6 pounds. And all I did was start eating real food, very little processed, and walked with a little running (very little) an average of 30 minutes for 5 days last week. Freakin-A, my body wants to lose this weight.

If this were week ONE of my weight loss, I'd have expected it. But at the start of week 7? W-O-W.

This is not me, you see. I am just doing The Plan. (Which, of course, I realize involves me and my choices, but that's not my point.)

The Plan is guiding me in my choices. The Counselors I meet with 3 days a week have corrected my course along the way (cut back on frozen meals! not so much cottage cheese! Oh, the sodium!), keeping me in weight loss mode. The LA Lites are keeping my chocolate and junk food cravings at bay (notwithstanding the 4 pieces of Easter Candy I had yesterday after church). My Monthly Diary provides a record of the food and water and supplements I put in my mouth. And I frankly started going to the gym to work out my stress, with a benefit of losing weight. All I'm doing is the treadmill so far, and not for all that long.

So I'm thrilled. An official 15.6 pounds GONE. Official weight 191.4.

Okay, now I'm going to be totally narcissistic. This is the only place I can do it, after all, so you're stuck with it if you're reading this. Or, take it as a warning and close my blog now.

Yesterday at church I wore my new size 14 crop pants in chocolate brown (My Assets artificially and ever so slightly tightening my bottom), my new size L aqua blue button down shirt with aqua blue tank underneath, and my sexy brown sandals with wedge heal. I thought I was looking hot. NOT ONE, no single person, commented that I looked pretty (not even my husband, the bastage). Am I an attention-loving whore or what? I was so expecting someone to say I looked cute, but I suppose all the kids in their Easter finest for Palm Sunday's egg hunt overshadowed my 15 pound loss and my size smaller clothes. It's part of the reason I ate the candy after the egg hunt-- I was disappointed and more than a bit pissed off.

I suppose I need to get over myself. It's gonna be at least another 10 pounds before it even begins to show to other people. I need to stop investing myself so much in what THEY think, and just enjoy myself with the process of becoming healthier and feeling more confident. I'll revel in the fact that my back fat rolls are almost gone, with me, myself, and I. And you, if you stuck around to read this far. Thank you if you did. I appreciate it!

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Vickie said...

you looked darling at church yesterday - and you are working hard.