Thursday, April 05, 2007

Day 47

DH said to me this morning "Bye skinny." It's the first time he's really said anything about my weight loss. I was in my black underwear when he said it, and I don't look skinny by any means, but it made me feel good.

My back fat rolls are almost gone. Just a slight roll in mid back. My stomach is still huge, which I'm sure will take another 20-30 pounds before it looks better. My butt has always been big, so I'm used to that and can deal with it and know what to expect mostly on how it will change when the weight goes down.

It's this middle section of fat that's new to me since having kids. And I know it gets worse the older you get. So it's gotta be gone soon.

I did my first "Group Power" weight lifting class last night. I really liked it. One of the last things we did was lunges, and I was surprised at how weak my quads are. The instructor thought I was probably just tired by then (I had to put the weight bar down to keep my form, so she noticed I was struggling) but I have bad knees and think my quads just need to be stronger. She said I need to come twice a week and that's all I'll need to notice a difference. So Wednesday's and Friday's are my weight days. I am excited.

I bought a DVD combo of Pilates last night, one for Stomach and one for Legs. 25 minutes each. Going to try to do one of them at night after kids in bed. Starting tonight.

Started TTOM last night, and I hope that will result in a loss by Friday. I had a one pound gain at LAWL yesterday which I think was water retention and heavier pants. My scale at home is holding steady at 188, and even showed 187.5 this morning. My size 16 Levi's I'm wearing today are pretty loose.

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Vickie said...

I knew someone and I were on the exact same TTOM schedule and it is you - I then remembered that any time you mentioned that on Amazon - I started within 24 hours of you - weird how things stayed in sync after all this time. Tone will help - with everything - I hope that you like the abs and legs - let me know what you got - I would like to try one with more legs - I loved all those.