Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 48

Scale at home was a solid 187, even 186.5 one time (I am a scale wh*re, getting on and off until I know it's "right"). I am wearing a size L cotton print shirt from Dress Barn, and size 14 pants from Crazy Horse (JC Penney brand). And they fit and look good.

I am not skinny, I am not at goal, I am not a perfect size 6. BUT, I feel better about myself, more confident, happier to put on clothes that FIT. And that has to show in my attitude.

My DH commented last night, after I had my hair cut yesterday, that I was going through a total makeover and it looked good on me. FINALLY he is noticing and saying something.

My muscles are s-o-r-e from Wednesday and yesterday's walk/run. Thank goodness for Advil. Not sure what exercise I'm going to do today, but I'll do something.

Last night I didn't get to do any pilates (Vickie, I got the Gaiam combo pack from Target with Abs by the Caban girl, and Legs by ?--I'll check who it is). I laid down with DD at 8 p.m. and fell asleep. DH had gone to Maundy Thursday church service and didn't get home until 9:30, when he woke me up and I ate my LA Lite and went back to bed. I slept until 7 a.m. this morning. Man, what is with all this sleep? I wish I didn't need so much. Must be partly this sinus infection, 'cause I feel like crud.

Easter weekend-- going to be a cold one, only 40-50* Sunday. Will be a challenge to stay away from the "I'll just have one" chocolates in the kids' baskets. At least I'll look pretty in my new size 14 dress; whether anyone notices my weight loss or not this week, I'll feel better about myself. And I'm wearing my strappy sexy sandals. Regardless of the temperature outside, it's spring time in my heart.

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Vickie said...

Had a gift card left from X-mas - so went looking after I saw your note.

I got (all Gaiam)

- the Pilates Body BAnd Challenge/with band included (ana caban)

- am and pm pilates workout
(ana caban and jilliam hessel)

- pilates abs workout(ana caban)

-pilates for weightloss (ana caban)

didn't see the legs???? look when you have a minute and post - because I would like a legs one too.

I do like the way that Ana explains and she seems to have the same "technique" and vocabulary as the classes that I have taken - I have a hard time switching back and forth between different instructors in real life - and I like Ana's voice - so I think that it is good idea for me to stick mostly with her - maybe the legs are with Jillian hessel that is on the am and pm one with her - ???