Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 67 - another 1/2 pound down

Scale this a.m. was 183. Lowest I've been in almost 10 years.

Worked out yesterday, doing the Group Power class (weights) and 35 minutes slow(er) walking on the treadmill. I can finally do lunges with weights, and can feel my quads getting stronger. I did 16 triceps dips in a row (those are killer). It's so cool to feel my body getting stronger.

We have a funeral for a client this afternoon, so I don't know if I'll make it to the gym or not. She died suddenly, in church on Sunday-- a heart attack, right there in church. I had just talked with her on Friday, so it got to me yesterday when I learned she had died. We'd just met with her a few weeks ago and she was fine, happy and healthy. Life turns so quickly.

Okay, on a lighter note, I need new gym clothes. My pants are getting really loose, but still look alright. I'm thinking when I hit 175 I'll reward myself with a few new pairs of pants. The tops will still fit for a while, unless my boobs just decide to shrink overnight (I can only hope). So far, they aren't shrinking at all. I'd really like to get into a single LETTER bra size. Eventually, I'm sure I will be down to a D cup, but when oh when?

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