Thursday, April 19, 2007

Day 61

I'm finally feeling so much better today. No fever last night, none today. It hit me after I got out of the shower-- Hey, I feel GOOD!

I made it to the gym last night, and my daughter was fine in the Kid's Club. She had this gym confused with another that we used to belong to, which my DH had taken her to last year. That gym's idea of a kid's center is an old office with some baby toys in it. So it's no wonder she didn't want to go back there. My gym's Kid's Club has gobs of toys and lots for her to do, and even other little girls just like her! She immediately went to the toys and soon after I left her there, she made a new friend. My son--he's the hit of the club... he is always happy and quite low maintenance for a toddler.

My workout was good, although I had in my head I was going to Pilates instead of Group Power, so I was a bit disappointed when I got to the exercise room. The Pilates workout Sunday was SO good, my muscles really were feeling it for a couple of days. Group Power was good, though, and I'm feeling muscle tightness from that class. This afternoon I'm doing the treadmill--walking with incline and some running.

I did something different for breakfast. I had a ground sirloin burger. Been trying to figure out how to get protein in for breakfast, when I can only have eggs 2 times per week and I hated the oatmeal/peanut butter concoction yesterday (blech). DUH eat meat at breakfast. It was strange, I admit, heating up my Foreman-esque grill and patting out meat at 6:30 a.m. But, it tasted good and I was screaming hungry and it fit the bill. I was full all morning. Think I'll be eating meat for breakfast on a regular basis now.

Just got back from a two hour lunch (when the husband's away, the wife will play...). Got my nails and toes done. Yummy. They are so pretty and French now. Ooh la la.

While in the pedicure chair (with magic massage fingers), a lady came over to get her toes done as I was getting finished up. We chatted a bit, and she got on the topic of coffee flavored ice cream. She and her girl were talking about this great flavor by Edy's and I nodded my head, agreed I love ice cream, but said I hadn't had any for 2 months. WOW! they said. Yeah, LA Weight Loss. "How much have you lost?" 19 pounds (it seemed simpler and less goofy than 18.4, which is the actual number), I said, 40 more to go. (You'd think I'd know better.) "What? You don't need to lose that much!" (And what do I say to that? Something monumentally embarrassing.) Well, yes, thanks, but I do. Because I weigh 185 pounds. "Well you sure don't look like it." Well, thanks. And then I'm done and have to walk my fat @ s s across the room to dry my toes and the stranger clearly gets a look at my 185 pound body. "Okay, now I see where those 40 pounds will come from," I'm sure she's thinking. I just tell her to enjoy her son's wedding this weekend and her nails look great.

WHY would I tell a total stranger, and the girl who regularly does my pedicures, what I weigh? I am officially seeking attention on this weight loss thing and obviously have issues. Oh. My. I'm gonna have to noodle on this one. And remember to keep my mouth shut and just smile and nod when people talk food porn in front of me.

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Vickie said...

Might it be like an alcoholic getting up and saying, "Hi - I'm ________ and I am an alcholic?". I personally - tell it all - any time anyone asks. I say what I used to weigh and what I weigh now and how long it has taken (just started my 3rd year). I suppose the just started my third year is like someone saying "how many days they have been sober." The reason that I think that I do this - education. I am not the thinnest person in the room EVERYWHERE I go - but very often - I am. And I would actually like people to know that I wasn't born this way - it doesn't happen by magic - and that I do not have a high metabolism. If there was a way for me to go up to weight challenged people - and tell them - I would. Because it really bothers me to think that someone anywhere would look at me - and think that I am thinking anything at all about THEM. This has been like a full time job - on top of all my other full time jobs - and I don't hide that. I don't advertize it - they have to ASK like they really want to know for me to explain - but I do explain if they really seem to want to know. . .and I still have been known to pull up a corner of my shirt and show them - used to be belly - now it is love handle. I have taken personal trainers and class instructors in the bathroom and stripped down to my underwear. . .