Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 60

I'm feeling better, but just barely. Still had a low grade fever this morning and my energy isn't what it should be.

DH is leaving for a business trip to NY this afternoon and will be gone until Sunday. Something I have to share which is a huge improvement mentally for me. When DH used to go anywhere without me, on business or whatever, I'd get excited because I could plan to eat whatever I wanted. I'd buy Ben & Jerry's, cinnamon rolls, pizza, cookies, donuts, and do nothing but eat while he was gone. I'd hide the leftovers and containers at the bottom of the trash can so he wouldn't know.

Today I'm bummed he's leaving because he usually picks up the kids on Wednesday's so I can go to the gym and workout. NO thoughts of Phish Food or the Pillsbury Dough Boy, just bummed I might miss my weight workout. This is HUGE for me.

The gym has a Kid's Club, where I can take my kids so I can work out, but DD is having major issues with me leaving her there. She says it's boring, it's no fun, she doesn't want me to leave her there, and she's cried over it. We quit this club almost 2 years ago, and I just rejoined recently and she hasn't been back yet, so I don't know why she hates it so much from when she was 4. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I need to workout, but I don't want my almost-6 year old throwing a tantrum at the gym. Oy.

Official weigh in at LAWL has me at 188.6, down .6 from Friday. Only 1.6 more pounds and I'll have lost officially 20 pounds. It feels really good to be "solidly" in the 180s, another digit safely distancing me from the 200s (shudder).

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