Monday, April 09, 2007

Day 51

After a not so great weekend of eating a little too much Easter candy and having rich eggs and a wee bit of pastry on Sunday, I stayed the same at weigh in this afternoon. Official weight = 191.2
Starting a "Melt Down" program for the next two months, where I do the 2 day juice drink plan every 2 weeks. I'd love to be melted down by summer!

More later....


Vickie said...

One of the ladies at the paper is doing liquid for a MONTH - I didn't ask her what that meant because I didn't want her to think that I was "questioning her" or doubting her - but I don't know what liquid or juice thing MEANS - please explain. . . .be as specific as you can - like what, how much, how often - so I can picture it.

Vickie said...

She wasn't talking about medical/liquid fast - she was talking about things from the grocery store - no medical about it - and I have heard other people call this is a colon cleanse - ??? Is this what you mean?