Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 69 - Grumpy and Tired

We are not in a good mood today. We are quite irritated that the new $279 microwave we bought last week did not work properly, which we did not discover until after having it installed for $75. We are further annoyed that the replacement microwave we fetched from Best Buy does not line up properly with the existing holes in the cabinet, causing we and husband to have words and a still non-functioning microwave sitting on the kitchen counter.

And we are further not amused that the installation gent who we are hoping can get the microwave installed successfully, will probably charge another $75, which we will hand over with glee because really, we are lucky to have this bloke coming to the house on a Saturday to do something that neither we nor husband can do.

We are also not amused that husband was a bossy grouch this morning. We are not amused that the scale is the same as it has been since Tuesday (yes, we know, we are impatient). We are also not amused that we are PMSing, zit-faced, tired, and generally in an utterly pissy mood.

The final insult is that we did not stop for our morning latte, as we planned to drink an LA Latte at the office, only to discover that we had finished off the LA Lattes yesterday. We are without caffeine and we are not happy about it.

We are hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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