Friday, March 30, 2007

Day 41-- 14.4 pounds gone and a size 14

Four seems to be my lucky number today.

It was a good weigh in day. Down 2.2 pounds for the week, a total of 14.4 pounds since starting at LAWL in February. I bought a new Easter dress to celebrate, and it was a size 14. I also bought a pair of crop pants in a 14 and they fit (I'll be wearing My Assets under them so my ass isn't all bumpy, though) and a top in a size Large, NOT XL. Gosh it feels good to move down a size.

Another few weeks and I'll be able to say "I've lost 20 pounds." 20 pounds is when it really starts to show. It's almost like the first 20 don't mean anything to anyone but me, then all of the sudden people start to notice. "Hey, are you losing weight?" "Um, yeah, I have been for like 3 months and you're just now noticing."

Not sure if I'm ready for the attention that it will bring though. I like compliments, don't get me wrong. But something happens around that time in my weight loss (at least in the past) when I've gotten down to a size 12 and I start to really look good, that I start gaining it all back again. It's not going to happen this time (I'm way too invested to blow it this time), but I have to keep in mind my uncomfortable feelings and guard myself from eating my way through them.

Went to lunch today with DH. He couldn't go until Two-ish, but wanted me to go with him so we could chat, so I ate my lunch from home around 12:30. At the restaurant, I just had tea. Didn't even look at the menu. No dessert, no chips, no crackers, no dessert, no coffee with cream. Tea, no sugar, with sweet and low. I didn't even mind not eating. I got to talk and DH ate, which is fine with me.

I am off to the gym to walk/run on the treadmill. A plan-less weekend, which are the best. Hoping for some sunshine in the midst of the rain so we can all play in the park.


Grumpy Chair said...

The weightloss showed up at 24 pounds for me and everyone noticed at the same time. It's really weird how no one mentioned it at a 23 pound loss but that one extra pound it became obvious.

Congratulations to you!!!

Vickie said...

I am so GLAD YOU ARE BACK - missed you so much - so good to hear from you and about you regularly again!!!!! Dealing with restaurants - is a big accomplishment.