Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 39 - a new "decade"

I stepped on the scale this morning, knowing I had lost. I could feel it in my fingers. My morning ritual - pee, strip, step on scale. Bingo! A 1.5 pound loss. And a new number in second position. 189.5

I love it when I move down into a new decade.

Did two days of walking on the treadmill do it? Eating all "real food" instead of processed? Drinking a ton of water? The Fat Fairy visiting me and taking the equivalent of 6 sticks of butter off my ass? Likely it's a combination of it all (I still believe in fairies).

So my gym bag is packed and food is ready for a good day. I had a piece of diet toast and an apple for breakfast and was totally satisfied.

Official weigh in at LAWL this afternoon. I hope the Water Retention Fairy doesn't show up in the mean time.

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Vickie said...

good for you!!!!!!! new decades are too wonderful.