Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Day 314 - 155.2 Hooray, the New Year's Here

Thanks to you all for leaving such positive comments on my last post. I really, really needed to hear that today. I am feeling all of those 3.5 pounds, smack dab in my thighs and my tight pants. Whether it's my imagination or reality, I swear it feels like I've gained 20 instead of only a few. Freaking fat head is tougher to lose than anything else.

Our new year's day was not so good. Both the kids were sick--Luke threw up at 2:30 a.m. and we were up with him until 4:30, and as soon as he was back in bed, Sophie woke up and had a bad tummy ache and threw up, too, and I was up with her until 6 a.m. So I had a New Year's Day sleep hangover, but not because I was having any fun. They are both doing fine today, thank God. Hopefully we can get back to something resembling a normal life.

I still have yet to run. On Monday DH twisted my arm and we went to a movie. We saw Juno, which was delightful. The first 10 minutes I was doubtful, because the dialog was too heavy with current teenage slang, but it mellowed out and became a super character movie. The soundtrack I could have done without, but with the lack of movie choices nowadays it's still a winner. It's a small screen movie, though, so you can wait till DVD and still enjoy it just as much.

So, today I am getting a run in at the gym (the high today is supposed to be 23* and I am unfortunately keeping Garmin in his resting place in my purse), come hell or high water. I really truly am aching for physical activity now, and I'm pinning my hopes for a renewed commitment to a healthy life on running. I've got that Half Marathon in May to train for, and a training program is just what I need to keep accountable and on track. I haven't been to LA Weight Loss in a couple weeks, so I'm going to do that today too. I hate to weigh in with such a big gain, but there's no sense in waiting until I've lost it. That's what they are there for and I surely don't need to be hiding my head (or rather, my big ass) in the sand and hoping it will all be okay.

And I still haven't made myself write down any New Years goals. I'm thinking Groundhog's Day goals might be appropriate for me this year. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do. On February 2nd, get ready for some rockin' resolutions.


Grumpy Chair said...

Glad the kids are feeling better.

I hope you get your treadmill workout in. I know you will feel better all the way around. Sometimes after a little break, that first workout feels so good.

Love your Groundhog Day resolution idea.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh , so sorry about the sickness. I am just waiting for it to happen here. One of the guests over the holiday was sick, so I have been expecting it. UGH.

And double UGH, I am way up. 162. I haven't been this heavy in all of 2007. I have to nip this now. I know what you mean about it feeling like 20 instead of a few. Let's do it together. :D

Jill said...

Must be the midwinter illness making the rounds - my 2 year old was sick with the stuff and so was I - ugh! I did my first run yesterday after about a week of doing NOTHING, and it felt really good to move again. Glad the kiddos are feeling better - now if you can just keep from getting it you'll be good to go!!

Marcy said...

YIKES!!! It's never easy or fun when both kids are sick. Especially right after the craziness of the holidays. Thankfully they're feeling better ;D

Jess said...

I loved Juno -- thought it was so smart and witty.

Poor sick kids -- you know, you're not supposed to let them hog the champagne, Laura!

ws said...

Hope the kids are feeling better.

You can always use the Garmin indoors without the GPS and manually create "laps" for each mile. That way you can keep track of all your mileage. Ok, I'm anal. Shoot me.

Vickie said...

You know - that is a good idea to keep track of ALL your miles - I can see the advantages of a grand total - indoor, outdoor, warm ups, warm downs.

If they both got sick within that close of a time frame - I bet it was soemthing they ate (or both touched and then ate with their hands).

Bev's (yoga) youngest daughter's boyfriend came for new year's long weekend and was sick within a couple hours of arriving. Bev thought he had flu until he called home the next morning. He had come directly from a gathering at home - and EVERYONE at the gathering had it too - obviously food poisoning. I read somewhere that MOST of the time it is something we ate or touched and then ate with "same hands". My kids, their friends, my niece and nephew are very used to me saying "did you wash? Did you wash with SOAP? I think it was too fast - you better go try again." I also have lots of packages of wipes in car, purse, van, etc. I put them in lunch boxes and whenever we have been in any store - I have the kids wipe down as soon as they get back in the car. I also wipe and get my cell phone and gear shift and steering wheel with the used/but still wet wipes. They'll all be talking about me in therapy - but are rarely/never sick!!!

Lori said...

I'm glad the kids are feeling better. I hope you got to get in your run; I know you will feel better. Isn't it great that you NEED to exercise? You are so consistent and I know you will be going great in 2008.

Pokey said...

Laura!!!! It is so nice to see a picture of your smiling face now instead of your feet!!! ;)

You are doing GREAT ~ keep it up! We'll send those extra pounds packing...I just know it!