Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 320 - 152.4 - Garmin!

I took Garmin out for its first run yesterday. It is so freaking cool. Forgive me all you Garmin veterans while I gush for a moment.

Garmin showed me how fast (a relative term, of course) I was running, while I was running. I didn't have to plan a route before I headed out.....I just RAN. When I felt like I couldn't run much longer, I looked down and saw I was running 9ish minute miles and went DOH! This is why I run 5 minutes and then have to walk a minute. So Garmin helped slow me down to a reasonable pace. When I thought I was running too slowly, Garmin said "Oh No! You are just fine at 10:45. Keep it up."

And I can share actual splits. At last I am officially a geeky runner with data. I comfort myself in my geekiness with the fact that I'm in excellent company.

3.23 miles in 35:21
Lap 1: 10:37
Lap 2: 11:16
Lap 3: 11:06
Lap 4 (.23): 10:09

I walked quite a bit in miles 2 & 3. I now have actual hard data confirmation that my legs like to run fast, even though my heart and lungs aren't ready for lengthy bouts of 9:30s. But at least I now have evidence that I am running faster than I thought, even if I have to walk to recover.

The weather yesterday was grand, and there were lots of runners out there on the streets with me. Today, however, the cold weather front is making its way through and causing wind and rain. So it's the treadmill today for me. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again with highs in the upper 40s/50ish, so maybe I'll be able to take Garmin out again then.

I *heart* Garmin!


Anonymous said...

Garmin rocks!!

Grumpy Chair said...

Laura, this post made me smile.

P.O.M. said...

Yippy. I can't WAIT to get mine. I'm so excited. However, I am also very intimidated by anything technical.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yeah for stats from Garmie. I knew you'd love it!

sheila said...

Laura, isn't the garmin the bomb. I love mine, once you get used to it try downloading it to motionbased.com. It is awesome, it will even do a print out of your route and everything. I found this blog by goggling evansville 1/2 marathon. How can I find you by going to blogger.com. I'm not to computer smart. By the way, thats great splits. The garmin will do wonders at keeping you at pace.

Sheila from Ky

Lori said...

Laura, you are an athlete!

I'm so frigging proud of you and how far you've come! You go!

Send me a plane tix and I'll come and declutter your house. I'm really good at taking care of other people's places! Yee-haw!

Vickie said...

Do Sophie's specialists know that she is swimming? I didn't realize it myself. Water might be getting stuck in there - or the coldness of the water can do things to the nerves that are in/next to the ear. She might need to use drops every time (after) she swims and/or ear plugs.

I LOVED your year recap - I didn't realize that you were almost to the one year mark in being "back" in blog land. I love to read a month by month like that - gives such perspective.

I also love to read about your running. Can't run myself. Can't even bike. But I love to hear about yours. I am that way about kick boxing and spin and aerobics classes too. Doesn't matter that I don't do the same thing - I think it is the power of energy - flows from one person to the next.

ws said...

didn't I mention that Garmin was evil a few weeks back...evil like a drug. Mine is breaking now though...sad, sad day. Hope you got in a good workout yesterday.