Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stabilization - LAWL weight = 153.8

I went back to LA Weight Loss today. I hadn't been there since January 2nd. My official weight was 153.8, which was down 2.4 pounds from my 1/2/08 weight. I was fully dressed in pants and a sweater, so really if I was naked it would be closer to 152. How's that for creative (weight) accounting.

I told the counselor I was ready to be done with dieting. I needed them to help me maintain. That 152 is what I want to call GOAL right now. So now I am on the 6 week stabilization plan, where we add foods back to my plan until we see how much I can eat without gaining weight.

This means, of course, I'm back to journaling my food and eating according to a plan. That's not exactly what I had in mind, but truthfully it's what I need.

Even though I have been eating whatever I want the past few weeks and have not gained. Even though I'm semi-successfully dealing with my emotional eating issues without going too overboard. Even though I'm feeling better emotionally (thank you God for antidepressants).

I still need a plan. Can you just hear the Eeyore tone in my voice? I do not want to keep writing food down, to track how many proteins and starches and fruits and dairies and fats I'm eating (I get to eat unlimited veggies the first week of stabilization--oh joy). I'm stamping my foot in protest like a pouty 3 year old.

But what else am I going to do? Do the "whatever" plan and end up fat again and grow out of my skinny clothes? NO THANK YOU, nuh uh, not me. It's just not going to happen.

So, for today, I can write my food down. I can eat according to my plan. I can maintain. For really reals, this year will be the Year of Maintenance.


Cara said...

Try to just focus on how you are actually here! And maybe the battle doesn't seem won, it is! You are at your goal weight! That is fantastic!

Grumpy Chair said...

Hey, if you wrote down what you eat and email me (you can find address on my about me profile) Give me brand names and amount plus any snack items, I will make you out the food cards (this was Vickie's idea) and it is sooo much easier than writing out the food.

You just pull out the card as you use it, then at end of day, add up your calories. I could make yours up as 1 protein serving, etc.

P.O.M. said...

For really reals, if you need a plan, you need a plan. You gotta do what works for you. Someday it will get easy and you won't need a plan. You will always have to think about what you eat (we all do), but you won't need to log it or worry about it.

Heather said...

I cant wait until I get to stabilization! I have 16 more pounds to lose so it may be a little bit still. good luck with jumping back in to everyhting. hopefully the support at your center and getting back on the plan will help. you are so lucky your center is there! and congrats on your loss.

Marcy said...

WOW!!! CONGRATS even getting to the stabilization part!!! GO CHICA!!! That is amazing!! ;D ;D

You've come so far, this should be the "easy" part, right? ;-) (I know it totally stinks though, but POM has a good point. I still remember the amount of cals in just about everything and I haven't dieted in over a year :-/ )

Vickie said...

I thought of another one that I have done for so long that I forgot there was any other way of doing it.

Everyone in the house uses paper napkins in the kitchen instead of hand towels. and paper towels (the kind that rip off in half sheets) in the bathroom. No shared handtowels any where in house.

I also (personally) do not use anti-bact hand soap. I get hand soap concentrate from the health food store and then use the Pampered Chef pumps. a little soap concentrate and a lot of water - pumps out foam. I have always stayed away from the anti bacterial stuff ON our body. I do use the anti bact stuff for kitchen counters, etc.

Sophie is big enough to take a wipe and do doorknobs and faucets and toilet handles for you. I have bulk supply of tooth brushes in box under bathroom counter - the kids know to pitch the old one if they have been sick.

We NEVER share glasses or the like. Everything in kitchen goes through dishwasher.

I keep big packages of wipes in car - I have kids wipe themselves down when they get in - on the way home from store or school. I then have them take the used wipe and we get the door handles, steering wheel, cell phone, gear shift, etc.

To read that you would think I have spotless house - and I so DO NOT. I am very careful about food and about hands - and we are almost never sick.

Jill said...

I can feel the ambivalence in your post, but I think stabilization is a good thing! And it's good that you know yourself well enough to know that you need a plan, at least for right now. So cheer up girl - you are on the right track, and oh by the way, you rock!! =)