Thursday, January 17, 2008

151.4 - Maintaining, Kids Stuff, Weight-related Books

Well at least my weight is holding steady. I'll probably never give up weighing myself regularly, but if I miss a day I'm not going to freak out about it. I have a rule that if I eat or drink anything before I weigh, then I don't weigh that day. I've got to be naked and empty of as many fluids as possible to get an accurate reading on the scale. That's my ritual, anyway.

Yesterday was a decent food day, especially considering I stayed home all day with a sick kiddo. I actually ate veggies and fruit! YeeHah! No workout though, since DH didn't get home until after 9 p.m. and I was zonked out on my lovely little relaxation pill by then.

Luke is still a sick little boy--his temp was 103.6 before I left for work (my mom's with him today while I'm at work for a while), so he's got something that probably needs antibiotics. Our appointment for both kids is this afternoon at 2:30. He slept most of the night, with the exception of around 11:30 p.m. when he woke up crying, I gave him some Tylenol, and then I slept on the floor beside his crib for a few hours. Not comfortable for me, but at least he went back to sleep.

We got around 2 inches of snow last night, so school was on a 2 hour delay. Sophie got to play in the snow before school, which was exciting for her since it was the first semi-substantial snowfall we've had all winter. It was only big enough for her to make a 12 inch tall snowman on the deck, but hey--it's better than nothing.

I got a new book from Amazon yesterday, Winning After Losing. Did you know there are practically no books out there about maintaining weight loss? There is Thin for Life, which I read most of last year, while I was losing weight, so I'll go back and revisit that one. But I Googled and looked on Amazon and this was the only book that came up (there's more books on dealing with weight loss after gastric bypass surgery, but I didn't want anything for that specific market). The girl who wrote Winning After Losing also had gastric bypass, but what I've read so far doesn't focus on the surgery recovery and how to eat for that. The forward by a noted psychologist made me think this book should help--she pretty much nailed what I'm going through right now, being worn out by the diet but still needing a coping mechanism other than food to deal with the stuff life throws at you. I'll let you know what I think as I read it.

And, in most exciting news, The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl is on its way to me from They had sold out, but an email today tells me it's now been shipped. I guess I'm all set until Pasta Queen's Half Assed comes out in May. Even though I've never met them, I feel like these women are kindred spirits. Just like all of you guys are--and I promise if you write a book, I'll buy yours, too.

Do any of you AFG's know the status of Frances's new book? I hope she's doing well. EDIT: I just checked her blog. There's at last an update. I've missed that woman.


Tigerlilly said...

Good luck at the doctors. I hate it when the girls are sick, it makes me feel so helpless.

Definitley let us know what you think of the books. I have hundreds of diet books, but your right, not one of them speaks of life maintaining. Maybe YOU should right a book!

Have a great weekend!

P.O.M. said...

"Lovely little relaxation pill?" I think I need to get some of those. Really.

I agree with Tigerlilly. Is there a book in you waiting to come out????

Laura N said...

Um, yeah, I got an Rx for xanax. Never had it before, and OMG it's awesome. The doctor said they are a bridge to relieving my anxiety until the anti depressant kicks in. I've only got 2 weeks worth of them. I'm not worried about becoming addicted--don't y'all fret about me and these little pills (I'm sure there are all kinds of horror stories about these things, but please don't share with me--I need a little blissful ignorance right now).

They are helping me relax when I'm ready to blow a gasket. Seriously, it's been bad. Yesterday was manageable because I had this wonderful "whatever" feeling all day from a xanax in the morning and one at bed time. I took a half a one when I got to work, and it's just the right amount of "I can function but don't really give a shit about anything" feeling. Just what the doctor ordered.

Sorry, this is probably TMI, which is why it's in the comments and not the blog.

If I can keep this weight off for 5 years, then we can talk about a book. At least I can count on you guys to buy a copy, right? ;-)

Jill said...

I want some Xanax!!! I don't think I could take pills though, after my C-section I had some Percoset. Man I loved that stuff! I think I loved it a little too much! I totally see how people can get hooked on them.

As for the book, can I have an autographed copy?? =)

Heather said...

that is very true about the maintenance. there is no info out there. people are so focused on just losing weight that they never think to write a book on what to do after you have! that is the part that scares me with doing LAWL on my own now..the stablization and maintenance. Glad to hear you are doing well your weight and with the fruits and veggies!

PastaQueen said...

I hope you like the book! I've been talking about it for so long it will be odd when it finally comes out.

Lori said...

I want a happy pill too. :-)

I'm hoping Luke will feel better soon and things get back to normal. Sophie's little snowman sounds adorable.

I'll check out Winning After Losing. I'm a little surprised that one or more of the Biggest Loser people haven't written a book about their experiences AFTER the contest. That would be a great read.

I think you have a book in you, Miss Laura!

ws said...

hope the dr appointment went well and the kids are feeling better...

sheila said...

Laura, sorry to hear you've had a bad week. Hope the kids get to feeling better.

As for the Xanax--send some my way girl LOL. I thought I was the only one with a hubby thats a roller coster of emotions. You don't know what to expect from one min. to the next.

Pokey said...

Sorry about the kiddos, Laura - I'm a day behind, so I am hoping everyone is well by now!!!

You are doing GREAT on your I need to get going on that too!

Marcy said...

You are such a sweet sweet mother! The things we do for our kids, huh? I hope he starts feeling better soon. Poor thing!