Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 322 - 151.2 - 4 Miles

I got a good run in yesterday. It wasn't 5, because I screwed around too long at work before heading out and didn't have enough time for 5, but I got in a solid 4.

4 miles = 43:15
Lap 1: 10:39
Lap 2: 10:52
Lap 3: 10:50
Lap 4: 10:54

I am still loving Garmin. I forgot to mention how awesome it is that I can stop at a stoplight for traffic, and the timer stops, too. Before with my stopwatch I had to do that manually and wouldn't always get it started at the same time I started running and my times wouldn't be spot on. The only bad thing I'm finding is that I like to look at my wrist way too much while I'm running. I'm sure that will get better as the novelty wears off (at least, I hope so).

Yesterday's weather was nice--45 and sunny. Today we are back to rain, and I think I'm probably going to end up with too much work to get out of here on time to run anyway. So it might be a rest day for me. We'll see.

Sorry for the boring ole report. I'm swamped and have no time to be interesting. Hope y'all are having a super day.


ws said...

if that "staring at the wrist" thing gets any better for you, please let me know how you make it happen. I run on a "need to know basis" though it is a little more difficult in the dark.

Grumpy Chair said...

Your new Garmin is like when you buy a new car and park it somewhere, you have to keep turning back to look at it when you walk away.

sheila said...

Laura, sounds like you had a great run. Those are good splits. The new will wear off, I've had my garmin for about a year now and I only glance at it when I think I'm about at a mile, just to see what my time for that miles was.

Jess said...

Good job on the 4!