Friday, January 04, 2008

Day 316 - 151.2 - The "How to Lose Your Chrismas Weight" Diet

How do you lose 4 pounds in two days? Get a stomach virus, that's how.

Yesterday morning when I woke up around 6 a.m., my stomach had that sick feeling, the kind where you know you're in trouble. Just after this lovely revelation, the power goes off. No storms, no winds, just a random power outage. This is the second time in 6 weeks that this has happened, and both times it's been around 6 a.m.

I laid in bed for an hour, praying the heat would come back on and my stomach would get better. No such luck on either count. DH got Sophie ready for school, and I was barely able to pack her lunch and see her off on the bus.

And, sure enough, by 7:30 I was throwing up and sick as a dog. I had to call my mom to come and take care of Luke, because he had been sick with diarrhea the night before and couldn't go to day care.

Thankfully we got the power back on after only 2.5 hours, right before my mom arrived. DH got ready for work in the dark and left when she got to our house.

I spent the day in bed, alternating between sleeping, eating crackers and drinking Sprite, and throwing up. I had two pieces of toast, but they didn't stay around long. I figure I had a net negative caloric intake yesterday. And of course I'm pretty dehydrated.

So that's how you lose your Christmas weight in 2 days. I don't recommend it.

Wednesday, I am happy to report, I did get a run in and it was fabulous. I did a total of 4 miles, running about 3.5. I had a plan to run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute, for a total of 30 minutes running. By the time I was cooling down, I was at 3.65 miles, so I kicked it back up and ran another .25 miles fast, and then cooled back down for .10 miles, to round out a 4 mile workout in 46:30. I felt so great afterwards. A stark contrast to how I felt yesterday, obviously.

Today I'm at the office, feeling better but not 100%. I'm not running today, and I barely have an appetite. Just gonna take it easy and hope the icky stomach stuff goes away and stays away.

Sophie was dizzy this morning and I had to drive her to school, and even though she complained of being dizzy the whole walk in, I made her stay because she had been fine at home until it was time to get on the bus. Her teacher is keeping an eye on her and is really close to the whole situation (I totally trust her--she's wonderful, and as a bonus lives just a few streets down from us), and will call me to pick Sophie up if she gets bad.

Good thing it's the weekend and not a holiday. We all need a break at our house.


Jess said...

Goodness, hope things return to normal soon, and rest up!

Grumpy Chair said...

i hope Sophie was just having school jitters and not an episode. How nice that her teacher lives just down the road.

Glad you got your run in too on Wednesday.

I hear you on "don't recommend it". A stomach virus is horrible. Luckily I haven't had one in a long, long time. I hate throwing up and feeling woozey. I had horrible morning sickness with both kids the first four months - lived on ginger ale and saltine crackers for breakfast.

Hope you feel better by this evening and enjoy your weekend (and I hope your DH doesn't get sick).

Jill said...

Oh gosh that stupid virus just doesn't quit does it?! It's been going around here alot, luckily I haven't had it(yet). Glad you are feeling better today!

Lori said...

I'm so sorry you're sick. Get better. And I hope no one else in your house gets sick too. I agree with GC, maybe Sophie had the jitters from going back to school. Get well, stay warm and I hope the electricity stays on!

Tigerlilly said...

I'm sorry you were sick.. but happy to hear your on the mend. I think we are all ready for a weekend of relaxation and quiet!!

Drink some nice warm tea and honey and cozy down with a good book! We'll see you on Monday!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I accidentially deleted my comment!

Anyways I wanted to come say hi because Grumpy Chair pointed me to your blog as I am doing LA Weight Loss and they just closed. She said that you had been on it previously and wow, you have done so great!! I wish you luck with your goals and I hope you are feeling better!

Marcy said...

((((HUGS))) I hope you start feeling better soon! Being a Mommy and being sick IS NOT fun :-( Hang in there chica!