Tuesday, June 03, 2008

157.6 - Not enough time on my hands

Just too darn busy to post or visit my friends' blogs yesterday or likely today. Wanted to let you all know I am alive and am trying to be a good little dieter after an explosion of eating this past weekend (apparently working out 5 days in a week isn't enough to offset massive quantities of eating whatever the heck you want on the weekends, and yesterday my weight was 159.6... ugh).

So, y'all have a good Tuesday and I hope to catch up with you soon.


Marcy said...

Hurry up and get unbusy ;-) Hang in there chica! We'll be waiting for you ;D ;D Thanks for the update!

Jill said...

I'm in the same boat - so much freaking work to do!! This work thing is really cutting into my blog time!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday when (a) you were busy and (b) I was feeling lousy so really appreciated it.

The funny thing about all these "unsolicited advice" commentators is that they are nearly always the "anonymous" ones, and if they actually bothered to look at my blog page for a few seconds longer they would see that I am already familiar with what they are talking about !!!

That's the annoying part of it, but never mind, I'm trying to let it wash over me now.

I've got some nice throat droplet meds from the doctor and I'm resting up for a few days.

Best wishes,

Grumpy Chair said...

Hey - busy must be in the air. I have had zilch time to read blogs or write anything.

I think the first week in June must be busy for everyone.

Vickie said...

I guess it is the all or nothing, black and white, perfectionist thing, that WE seem to have been dealt. And I guess we just have to make sure that we "get stuck" on good habits. It seems to be (mostly) universal with US all.

I have read another book (since that posting) and was able to read that one in 5 sittings - so that is pretty good for me. I used to read in the tub - but can no longer lean back and read in the tub (No leaning with my back). so, I could read in the tub - but only sitting straight up - which will probably means a VERY short read.

Carly said...

I hear you! Hmmmpf....can you believe that life can interupt blogging??? LOL

I just read your post below and you have done AWESOME! You are such an inspiration.

Cindy154 said...

You will recover from the explosion. I had an explosion myself, just not so much eating. My blog time has been out of wack as well. you will deflate day by day and be back where you were soon. thanks for stopping by my blog!

Helen said...

I sympathize with the busy-ness...and the eating explosion. But, like you, luckily getting back on the wagon quickly seems to nip the gain in the bud.

I also seem to see my fat more now that there is less of it...wonder what that's all about...