Thursday, June 19, 2008

150.8 - Recommended Reading

I have absolutely nothing new to say today, other than I had a great workout last night--15 minutes running on the treadmill then my 60 minutes weights class. And eating is still on plan. Weight is holding steady.

Now, go read this post on Angry Fat Girlz. You don't want to miss this one.

And then go read Jill's post on what inspires her, and give her a shout on what inspires you. A little extra inspiration is a good thing.


Jill said...

Hey thanks for the shout out girl!!

My thighs and behind didn't get the memo about losing weight either - apparently it must take a lot longer for the message to travel from the top floor to the basement!

goodbyetoallfat said...

Hi Laura,

Just catching up on blogs a day late. Fantastic to see you have made it into the 150 range!

Best wishes,

L.G. said...

I'm catching up...that's pretty cool about the drive-in outfit. I'm so proud of you; you're so wicked awesome (as usual!).

Congrats on being in the 150s!