Friday, June 13, 2008

152.8 - Friday Weigh In

Only 2 hours left in the day--it's been nuts. But good, overall. I had to post today's weight, though, because at last I got to see a "2" again beside that five. Unlike my bloggy friend Vickie who rounds up or down and does not torture herself with the tenths, I like watching those .2 changes in the scale. Which makes sense, I suppose, since I weigh myself every day.

To prove that point, this morning when I got on the scale the first time, it said 153.2. I went to the bathroom, dropped a little weight in the toilet if you know what I mean, and got back on the scale again (what, you guys don't do the same thing?). It said 152.4. I thought, no way, that can't be right, it wasn't that big of a poo. So I started my bath, started my coffee, and weighed again. The third weight was 152.8, which seemed more reasonable and was the middle weight. And it stayed the same after I got back on and off the scale about 3 more times (what, you guys don't do the same thing?). So that's what I settled on.

Hello my name is Laura and I'm a scale addict.

Now on to the diet & exercise report. Yesterday I got in 4 miles in 49 minutes (still running and walking fast, which I swear is working my glutes really well) on the treadmill. Today I ran/walked 3.7 miles in 45 minutes. Tomorrow morning I'm going to do a weights class at 9 a.m., because darn it I want that free t-shirt.

My WW weigh in day is Sunday, which normally I would balk at but I'm hoping it will keep me on track through the weekend. We'll see if that's the day I keep it set on as I progress on this WW journey. I have been treating my body like a temple during the week and like a playground on the weekends for so long (I read that somewhere, and I think it was a guy who said it), that I need something to keep me in line. Nothing like an "official" weigh in day to nudge me along.

But I do have 14 allowance points left for the week which ends tomorrow, which is enough to have a Dairy Queen blizzard, isn't it? Just joshin' y'all. I might have a small treat, but that'll be it.

Because that scale is going down, baby.
Shauna Reid (aka DietGirl) is walking 26.1 miles for breast cancer research this weekend. The ladies start their marathon at midnight Scotland time, and they walk the whole thing in bras. Fancy adorned bras, without shirts on. They're like 7 hours ahead of us, right? I guess that means she'll be starting tomorrow around 5 p.m. CST, so you still have time to go wish her luck. I am mega impressed by anyone putting in that kind of miles, and can't fathom the mental and physical strength it's going to take to walk that distance without a shirt on. Go, Shauna, go!


Vickie said...

thank you for not actually weighing the poo. . .tempting I know.

G.G. said...

I know that if I weigh first thing in the morning and then after I've taken a walk, my weight's usually at least a pound less--has something to do with evaporation?

Guess which one I count!

Heather said...

SO glad the scale is cooperating.and yes, I do the same things too :)

Grumpy Chair said...

Ha ha to the "hard dookie" (that is what Grumpette calls poo.)

Anonymous said...

Laura, this post was so funny!. and then Vickie's comment about 'thank you for not actually weighing the poo...' my dogs always think there is something wrong with me when I laugh out loud!

So, seriously, I am also a scale addict. What do you think about the information that people who are trying to lose are more successful when they weigh once a week, and people who are trying to maintain are more successful when they weigh daily? I have read this several places, but ever since I got a scale, I can't resist it. I did lose most of my weight without a scale in the house, just weighing in once a week at w.w. meeting.

Anonymous said...

"Hello my name is Laura and I'm a scale addict."

Yes, I think most of us who read your blog know that already!

Marcy said...

LOL chica, I used to do that A LOT!! I even started putting the scale in the trunk of Mr McG's car so I'd stop weighing myself so much hehe

L.G. said...

You're doing great and doing the right things. And yes, I have weighed myself dry, wet, wet hair, clothes, etc.

I've heard you can lose a pound by donating blood. I've always wondered why Red Cross didn't set up a bloodmobile at the parking lot at WW.

I hope your weigh in went well!

Jill said...

You scale ho, you!! Ha! For some strange reason, I always a pound less after I shower - what's up with that? I shower everyday, so I know I don't have a pound of dirt clinging to my body! Weird.

I want to do a walk like Shauna's -just so I can walk around in a sparkly bra!! How fun would that be?!?! =)

Where's the Name/Url identity chooser-thing beneath the comment box? It disappeared!

Cindy154 said...

Just so you know, I do the exact thing with the scale. I record my lowest of the weights for the morning and I round down. I skip tenths in my record but I do take notice of them in my head. I use the scale to keep me in reality. Since I tend to get distorted thoughts in my head about my weight. sounds like you are going great. I love that you run. My current injury prohibits the running for now, too much jarring of the spine, but maybe some day. Or the speed walking. Start my PT today so I will get to know my do's and don'ts soon I hope.