Saturday, June 28, 2008

152.4 - What a difference

....a good workout makes. I felt 100% better after I made it to the gym yesterday afternoon. I did a total of 2 miles on the treadmill--the first .1 I walked to warm up, then ran a mile at 10 min/mile, then walked .1, then ran .7 at 10 min/mile, then walked .1 to cool down. Then I took my weights class. And it was awesome.

I can finally, at last, fo really reals do lunges. I can step out wide, go down half way, and then go all the way to where my legs are both at 90 degree angles. I can do lunges with 22 kg of weights on the bar. I can do athletic lunges with weights in my hands. And I can do the entire 5 minute set of lunges without any additional breaks. It's only taken a little over a year of working out regularly and a little over 2 months of consistent weights classes to accomplish this mighty feat!

Last night the kids and I had a great time at our friends' house. It was their twins 3 year old birthday party. They had set up a giant inflatable water slide, and Sophie was able to climb the slide and play without feeling bad. It was such a relief to see her having fun but not overdoing it.

And I had two absolutely fabulous margaritas. I haven't had tequila in months and months, and it was just what I needed after the week I'd had.

Then, after dinner, Luke fell down the stairs. We all heard a loud crashing sound--someone said "what was that?"--and then we heard Luke screaming and Sophie crying. She had seen him fall and tumble head over heels, and she cried more than he did. He was fine, thankfully, just a banged up nose that was a little swollen and bloody. Good thing he's a tough kid.

Sophie continues to heal well, and her ears are giving her the most trouble now. Apparently the adenoids share a nerve with the ear somehow, and it feels like she has a bad earache. The tylenol is only touching the pain for a couple of hours at night, then she wakes up crying. Homeopathic eardrops are helping, along with cold washcloths on both ears. We are so close to being done with this recovery and I am as ready as she is for it to be all over.


debby said...

Hi Laura, I am really in awe of your weight workout, especially after running 2 miles. The mental encouragement is probably the best part of it--that we can start right back again.

Good work.

Vickie said...

If it had that much impact on her inner ears - it will be VERY interesting to see if it solves the dizzy thing. It is amazing how close together all that stuff is - isn't it?

When you are doing your lunges - CAN YOU SEE YOUR TOES? so that your knees stay "behind" your toes? And your butt is WAY back? think new shoes and portapotty.

Jess said...

A good workout always makes a person feel better. And woo-hoo for the margaritas! They heal all wounds.

Jill said...

Tequila should be prescribed by doctors for every ailment. Then all would be well with the world. Of course, we'd all be raging alcoholics, but we wouldn't care!!

Glad Luke is okay. Poor Sophie - she's had such a rough week!!!

Way to go on the lunges!! That's amazing. Lunges = torture.

L.G. said...

Way to go on the lunges! And the workouts! You rock!

I'm glad you and the kids had a good time at the party and you got your doctor's prescriptions of margaritas... ;-)

Does Sophie have any problems with her mastoids? (I hope I have the right word.) I'm just sorry she is so miserable, poor thing.