Monday, June 09, 2008

155.8 - Guess who's now a WW member?

Yep, that's me. I joined Weight Watcher's Online yesterday. And it happened in the strangest way.

Yesterday at church, we were ushers (which means we hand out bulletins and pass the plate at offering time), and while I was handing out bulletins a gentleman in his 60s who's a great guy and I know pretty well, came up to me and asked if I was still following my weight loss plan.

This question, which surprisingly I get asked on a fairly frequent basis, kinds of freaks me out, because I never know if someone is asking because they think I need to lose more weight, or if they are asking because they think I look great and need to stop losing weight. Usually I think the former, because my inner fat girl likes to screw with me like that, but in this case, Mr. J. didn't really care about what I was doing (I told him, btw, that I was currently maintaining but would like to lose a few more pounds--how's that for walking a fine line?). He just wanted to share his own success story with me.

He joined WW Online in January after his doctor told him his BP was high and he needed to lose some weight. And he's lost 36 pounds so far. Now, this is a guy with a huge belly still, so it's hard to tell he's lost weight. But I knew how he felt. He's worked his behind (well, belly) off and he's lost a great amount of weight, but people probably aren't noticing yet because he still has so much to lose and unfortunately, 36 pounds just isn't enough to make a big difference in his appearance. I know exactly where he's coming from--it took until I dropped 3 clothing sizes and over 30 pounds (which was over half way to my goal) before anyone really noticed I'd lost weight.

So, he chatted for about 10 minutes about how he loves WW Online, how it's so easy, less than $5 a week, and he's still losing and just loves it.

And he planted a seed in my head that maybe I could use WW Online to get the rest of the weight off that I want to lose. So last night, I went online and registered, and logged my food for the day, and stuck to a decent food plan for the rest of the evening because I wanted my numbers to look good.

Today I've already planned my food and activity for the day, and if I can stick with it, then I'll be golden, points-wise.

I didn't stop to think about it too much before I joined. I know WW well--I've done the Flex plan a couple of times. And I'll probably still go weigh in with LA Weight Loss once every couple of weeks. But I just don't have time any more to meet with them like I'm supposed to, and I feel like I need something else to shake up my diet efforts.

So far, I really like the online tracking system. It's a lot easier to record accurate values for foods when the computer does it for you. And I'm on my laptop all the time anyway, so it's no big thang to record my stuff here instead of in my pocket diary.

I'm optimistic that WW Online will provide the tools I need to stick with a few solid months of hard core dieting, then I can settle back into maintenance mode again. One day at a time is still my motto, and now I can see each day's efforts clearly on my PC screen.

Random Kid Update: Sophie's ENT appointment for her tonsils is this afternoon. And for fits and giggles, Luke decided to have a temperature of 102 today while at day care. I had to pick him up at 11 a.m. and am waiting to see if he exhibits any other symptoms than a fever and saying his head hurts and being very lethargic. The nurse at the Dr's office said to wait to bring him in because they may not be able to pick up what's wrong with him if we bring him in too early. You know your toddler feels crummy when he only eats 1/4 of his PB&J and says "I want to go to bed, mommy," which is what he just did. Poor little guy.


jill said...

A shake up and a new plan may be just what you need to take off the last 10 pounds. It's always fun to try something new and different. I hope it works great for you.

I hope Sophie's appointment goes well, and I hope little Luke feels better soon - poor little guy! :(

Heather said...

congrats! I hope that this is just the trick that you need to gettin the rest of the weight off. I did WW for a while and while it wasnt for me forever, it does work.

Cindy154 said...

I liked what I learned in WW. Good for you! The online is convenient, too. Sorry about the sick toddler. I hope Sophie's goes ok, too. Funny about people noticing. Lately people have been noticing and commenting again, and I guess it's this last 10 pounds that got their attention. I have been losing weight for 3 years..

Marcy said...

That's GREAT chica!! I've always heard good stuff about WW! Hopefully this will be the ticket to getting the rest of that weight off :-) Alright!

Jess said...

I've heard good things about WW online. Best of luck with it!

Anonymous said...

"It's a lot easier to record accurate values for foods when the computer does it for you."

Oooh that's interesting because the points sytem is one of the things that always put me off WW, I found it byzantine in its complexity.

But I am currently re-evaluating my weight loss strategies and even though I have been a nard core Rosemary Conley (UK diet group guru) follower for years, I also have had difficulty attending several of the Monday meetings I was meant to be attending.

Thus, I am now thinking "differently" of other ways of monitoring myself, or reporting in to some other diet group on a weekly basis.

At the moment these are only vague thoughts in my head, but I am very much re-examining things.

Best wishes with your young ones as well. Hope the fever is not too serious.