Friday, February 01, 2008

153.8 - The marbits got the best of me

Welcome to Today's Weight Gain, ladies and gentlemen, which is brought to you by General Mills, the makers of Lucky Charms. Yes, they're magically delicious and a trigger food for our heroine, who apparently can't keep her grubby hands off of her daughter's treat cereal.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....

I ended up making it to they gym last night, despite the winter storm warning which until this morning resulted in nada. This morning the temps dropped to below freezing, so they delayed school for 2 hours, and we got a few flurries but it's not added up to diddly squat. Which I'm not surprised about and am quite thankful for, actually. The last thing I want is yet another disruption in my nutso life.

The run was okay. Not great, but I put in 40 minutes and did a total of 3.5 miles, running for one mile, walking for .1, and then running again. I ended up with running miles = 3. It was a tough run. I was feeling the low pressure system, I guess, because my body felt like lead.

One of the things I often do when I'm on the treadmill is, when I'm feeling tired and want to go slower, I make myself go faster. "Wanna slow down to a walk? Oh no, sister, not yet. You get to run a couple tenths at a 9:30 pace now. Okay, now you're feeling it. All better now? A 10:54 pace feels just fine, doesn't it. Oh, you think you're tired? Too freaking bad! You get a break in a few more tenths, but now you have to run a few at 10:00/mile. How you feeling now? Like you could kick some serious ass? I thought so. The runner in you knows what's best, so let me keep you on track, little girl."

That was last night's mile 3 self talk. I was tired in mile 2 but not until close to the end. Mile 3 started and I felt like crap. But I was not giving up. "The faster I run, the faster it's over" is a motto several of my RBF's have as a mantra, and it is too true.

I let the kids run the track again, which made me smile.

DH has been working insane hours all month (we're financial planner people and January has been a rough month in the markets), and that means I get to go home and take care of the kids all by myself. It's wearing me down. Even though he doesn't do that much at home, what he does do makes a difference. Just getting one of the kids ready for bed is a help. And I haven't even had that.

Last night I just lost it and while Luke was still crying in his bed at 10 p.m.--since he was sick and slept with us a couple of nights, he's been a complete monster at bed time. He doesn't like his crib anymore and cries and frets and is in there for over an hour before he finally sleeps. That has not helped my sanity situation much lately--anyway while he was on the tail end of his tantrum, I grabbed the Lucky Charms box and finished it off. About 2 cups worth. Oh, the bloating from that sugary crap. It's not something I want to revisit again soon, and I'm glad the box is now empty. I just hope Sophie forgets about it and doesn't want any, because then I have to make an excuse as to why it's gone.

So between this week's mid-cycle hormones and the Fat Girl Freak Out, and me basically being a single working mom, I'm still a little nuts. DH has promised he's not going to work this weekend, so perhaps that will give me a break.

I am going to run 5 miles this Saturday, no matter what. I've got to start building my weekend long run or else the Indy Half isn't going to happen--and that simply is not an option. Today's a rest day, because I've still run more miles this week (12.1 so far) than any other week since early December, and I can feel the achy legs today and don't want to mess around with possibly getting an injury.

Hope you all have a restful weekend. Stay healthy and safe.


Grumpy Chair said...

You know, I think it is that inner grrr self talk that made you a successful weight loss gal.

Sorry you had a crummy week. Hopefully you can get caught up (sleep, exercise and just plain "you" time) this weekend.

Roni said...

For me it's freakin' Life cereal. I can't buy it, AT ALL!


Heather said...

aw hang in there! I think its great that you are still pushing yourself physically despite all of this and can still think about your goals.

sheila said...

Laura, I'm also running 5 tomorrow, I'll be thinking about you when I'm running, hope you have a good run. I looked at the indy training schedule and thats just to many running days in a row for me. I usually run 3 days a week, 4 days in one week is a really good week for me.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Boy, I hadn't thought about Lucky Charms in years. Interesting how we all have our thing. WEll, I have about 10 of them. :D