Tuesday, February 12, 2008

No cookies today

We went to work instead. I took Sophie with me to the office, and Luke to his sitters. The roads were pretty bad this morning and weren't any better tonight. Likely they'll be bad tomorrow, too, but we will venture back out again. Same routine--no school tomorrow. Sophie does great at the office with me, so it's not a problem. We are so blessed to be able to take her with us.

I haven't worked out since last Thursday and feel like I'm turning into a puddle of mushy goo. My eating is fine--no real stress eating going on, which is a minor miracle and I'm assuming I can partially (mostly? all?) thank my antidepressent for that. Whatever the reason, I'll take it for now.

I even got a stick of butter out of the fridge when we got home tonight, because I really wanted those chocolate chip cookies I would have baked had we had a stay-at-home day today. I've got a package of mix in the cabinet just waiting to be inhaled. But I made spicy black beans & zucchini instead, and the urge to bake passed.

DH is working late again and I'm getting ready to put the kids down. I could do a pilates DVD or dig into my scrapbook stuff, but I'll probably just read or watch TV and vege out. (I love the line in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts explains to Richard Gere what vegeing out means.... "You know, be still like vegetables. Lay like broccoli.")


sheila said...

The roads were horrible today weren't they. I haven't worked out in the last 2 days either. By the time I get home (slowly) and try to clear the walkway off, I lose interest in working out. I'm glad your eating has been good, mine is horrible again this week. I don't know what the problem is.
Hopefully the roads will clear off tomorrow

ws said...

hope your weather is clearing up. I managed to sleep right through our t-storms and tornado watch. As much as I hate snow I loved shoveling...

Marcy said...

That's so awesome that you get to have Sofie in the office with you :-)

Oooooo I love Pretty Woman, it's one of my favs hehe. Every prostitute ends up like that, ya know :P