Tuesday, February 19, 2008

153.2 - 3 day weekend

Well I didn't get around to putting anything profound to paper (or, rather, cyberspace) this weekend to mark my 1 year anniversary. I was too busy with kiddos and relaxing over the 3 day weekend and didn't get online once.

And I'm still not up to the task of a "here's how I did it" post. Maybe in the near future...

Saturday I got in a great run--5.5 miles in 65 minutes. It was on the treadmill, but I varied my pace a lot to keep things interesting and had some great tunes on my iPod. I could have gone longer if I'd had time. Having enough time to run as long as I want is a recurring theme, I realize. But it is what it is when you have young kids at home. With Sophie sick all weekend, I kept my cell phone on the treadmill in case I was needed, and sure enough, at 63 minutes I got a call from DH that she was missing me and wanted me to come home. I'd been gone a whopping 75 minutes from the child, and she needed her mommy. So I finished up at 5.5 miles and did a 2 minute plank and 15 pushups and headed home.

Next Saturday I've got to get in 7 miles to keep up with my Mini-Marathon plan. Physically, I know I can do it. Time wise, I'm going to have to wheel & deal to get the time away from the kids.

Food wise, I was pretty "bad" all weekend. I had a couple of salads but otherwise no veggies. Lots of junk. And it's showing on the scale today, but thankfully my clothes feel okay at least. I'm back on the straight and narrow today.

Sophie still has a fever, even though she's been on an antibiotic for almost 5 days. So she's got a doctor's appointment this afternoon and is with me at the office today. She feels okay while she's got ibuprofen working on her, but she's just not her usual energetic self. There's a ton of illness going around right now, and I'm just praying we don't get something worse.

I might get in a run this afternoon, depending on how Sophie is feeling and if the doctor says she's still contagious.

I am so ready for spring so we can all emerge from this sickness filled winter.


Jess said...

You need a cage for those kids to stay in while out for a 7 miler. What? It's frowned upon to put kids in cages? Bah...

Marcy said...

LMAO Jess! Nah I think it's legal, at least that is what I do when I have to run. CPS had yet to come knock on my door. KIDDING!!

Ohhh man chica, hang in there. Spring will be here soon (hopefully, winter seems never ending LOL)