Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl Book Review

I started reading Diet Girl's blog last year when all this diet blogging stuff began for me. I've learned that you can count on Shauna for a laugh and some inspiration with every post.

When she announced that her book was being released in Australia and the UK, I was totally bummed that it wasn't coming to the good ole USA, but it was shared among her readers that Yanks could order from Amazon.Canada and not pay quite as much as having the book shipped across the Atlantic. I don't know what that would have cost, but I paid $25.02 to have it sent from our neighbor up North.

It was totally worth every penny. The book is a gem. The introduction and background chapters are moving and introspective and set the stage for the majority of the book, a "best of" selection from 6 years of Shauna's blogging. But it doesn't read like a fractured list of blog posts. It reads almost like a novel, primarily because it's not just about "busting lard." It's filled with travel stories, family support and struggles, and even romance. And her Australian & Scottish idioms and turn of phrase are entertaining in themselves.

Sure, I knew how it ends because her blog is in the present tense and her book is in the past, but it didn't make the read any less entertaining. There are full color pictures of befores and afters, and even a little Diet Girl cartoon on the bottom corner of each right-hand page, so if you flip the pages it makes a moving cartoon of Diet Girl taking off to fly like Superman.

If you're a "lard buster" and you've got a birthday coming up or just want to spoil yourself, go visit and plop down $25 for a great book.

(BTW, I'm not promoting this for any reason other than I just adore DG.)


Vickie said...

I went back and read her whole blog - last year or the year before and then sent her a note saying that she really needed to finish her book and publish. Not that I think that made her publish - I am sure it was well underway at that point. I agree her current blog is just amazing. When you read her WHOLE blog - the whole story - it is just a gem. I will order the book now that you have explained about getting it from Canada. I am sure that it will be every bit as good as you say - she is such a good writer.

Marcy said...

I'll have to go take a quick peek! And don't you look fabulous ;-)

Lori said...

I really want to read Shauna's book -- it will have to wait until next month unless I go to the Coinstar with my pot of change.

I love your day with the kids at McDonald's. It's so sweet that Sophie was so happy. Isn't it nice that something that seems so little means so much?

Keep up the good work and I might point out, you look so beautiful!

Jess said...

I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review.

Grumpy Chair said...

Man, my new years resolution was to not buy books or magazines in 2008. I might have to make an exception.