Monday, February 11, 2008

151.8 - Winter's Here

I survived the weekend strep fest (barely--3 days of being sick sucks) to end up on a Monday with a Winter Storm looming. Now, given that this is Southern Indiana and more often than not the "winter" storms we get are thunderous in nature, I didn't think much of it. Until 1:30 this afternoon when it started to snow. And then kept snowing. And then sleeting along with the snowing.

Schools were closed early, businesses let folks go home before rush hour, cars proceeded to colide with each other on a much too frequent basis. We just don't get weather like this very often and we easily forget how quickly 2 ton pieces of metal slide through intersections.

I slowly, gingerly, drove my front-wheel drive VUE and picked up my precious cargo--Sophie was one of about 5 kids left at school day care, poor kid, I hate leaving her to almost last; Luke was too excited..."Snow, Mommy! I touch it!"--and we were home safe by 5 p.m. DH worked late but he made it home without incident as well, primarily because he tailgated a snow plow home. His car is a 10 year old rear-wheel drive hunk of German engineering and, while stylish and classic, it's a POS in the snow and ice.

School's already closed for tomorrow; we're supposed to get freezing rain in the middle of the night and could have 1/2" of ice in the morning. We might dodge the warmer temp line and only get the sleet and snow, but our luck it will turn to ice.

I hope it doesn't. We have an extremely busy week at work--which is a good thing--and we don't need the weather as a distraction. The thing about weather, though, is it's a leveler and everyone has to play by the same rules. Heck, my doctor's office just called at 9:05 p.m. to cancel my 10 a.m. appointment tomorrow.

Probably the whole city will be shut down. In which case, I'll be in my bunny PJ's baking chocolate chip cookies. Ice storms don't sound so bad when cookies are part of the bargain.


Jill said...

Glad you are feeling better!! Eat a cookie for me will ya?!

Marcy said...

I'm glad you're feeling on the up and up!

I totally hear you on not liking having your child be one of the almost last kids to go home. I'm such a freako about that. My husband is like "what's the big deal if you're 5 minutes late picking her up from school?" And I'm always like "I don't want her to think I abandoned her at school" :P I'm so whacky. hehe