Monday, February 04, 2008

154.2 - A "Too Busy to Post" Post

Hi gang. Work is nuts so I have no time to play today. A quickie:

I've gained a couple of pounds, which is in no doubt due to our Superbowl Weekend Eating Frenzy. Apparently my husband has declared the First Sunday in February an eating holiday, and I just played along. I'm back to being an obedient loser today--no more ice cream or apple pie, no sirree.

No running all weekend. Saturday was a family day--at last we were all healthy and together. Then Sunday, despite my best intentions (we all know what road those pave) I skipped a run because I ate way too much food and never got empty enough to motor out the door. Ugh.

I finished reading Diet Girl's book. I'll be writing a review soon. It was ab fab!

And most important of all - THE NY GIANTS ROCK!!! That was one of the best Superbowl games evah. What a kick to see the underdogs win.

Hope to see you all soon, maybe tonight after the kiddos are in bed. Until then......


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I over indulged myself. Let's get back at it together :D

Glad you guys are healthy. You deserve it!

Jess said...

I think everyone over-indulges on Super Bowl Sunday. I still don't feel normal. And yeah, those last 2 minutes of the game were pretty darn exciting.

P.O.M. said...

I gained back 2 lbs this weekend too (and I ran a freakin' half marathon) Go figure.

Glad the giants won too. I always like the underdogs and the Cap bet a big chuck of money on that game. At least he won so we have spending money in Hawaii.

Pokey said...

Glad everyone is healthy again!!!!

I was pretty good food-wise during the SuperBowl - only to follow it up with a hundred bad food choices today :( Today was one of those days where the food needed to be bolted down so I couldnt get to it ;)

Vickie said...

did you order book from UK???

Marcy said...

I hear you! For some reason I've been busy as well. Don't sweat the overindulgence, you're in good company ;-)