Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 75

The scale's jumped a wee bit - to 183.2. I have to admit it's disappointing, but it's that mind game the scale likes to play with me.

I've started the Take Off plan today-- 32 oz Take Off juice, 6 oz protein, 1 c cooked veggies, 2 LA Lites, lots of water, that's it! I'll repeat that diet again tomorrow. It should jump start my loss into the 170s.

Yesterday I ran for 15 minutes straight @ 5.0 mph. A total of 3 miles in 42 minutes. The last .15 miles I ran at 5.7 mph, which was tough. But I felt great afterwards. Tonight I'm doing step aerobics.

It's busy at work, so nothing more to post now.

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