Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Day 88 - 181 pounds - Another sick day

Last week it was the boy. Today it's the girl. What is it with my sick kiddos?

Sophie gets vertigo usually before she comes down with a virus, or it's vertigo before a migraine (the kid is almost 6 years old and already has to deal with this crap). Today I think it's the virus type, since she was dizzy this morning and didn't have light or touch sensitivity, and she's feeling better this afternoon. The virus type is the better, because it's not as dramatic (no vomiting, no prolonged time in the dark). But it probably means she'll be sick the next few days.

I took the boy to day care, swung by the office to pick up my laptop, and came home with the girl to do work while she rested. So far, I've cooked two recipes out of my LAWL cookbook (both dee-lish!), polished my nails, worked about 30 minutes, read blogs, eaten a snack, eaten lunch, and now blogging myself.

A real productive day, eh?

What the heck is going on weight wise, I don't know. Is it possible to gain/stay the same while ovulating? I don't really understand my cycle and when I gain/lose in the midst of it. I suppose I need to track it and figure it out.

Hoping I can still make it to the gym today. Yesterday was a rest day, but I cleaned the house last night like a mad woman since I had pent up energy from not going to the gym.

Now, being home and working in the kitchen, all I want to do is eat! It's only a tad after 1 p.m., and I have very little food left for the day. I'm thinking maybe a nap is in order. Oy.

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