Thursday, May 24, 2007

Day 96 - 177.8

Just a quick check in. Weight's the same, which is okay. I haven't exercised much this week b/c of Sophie being sick.

Got my hair cut yesterday. It's pretty short! I had it this short about 3 years ago, and I like it but am not used to it yet. It's a lot lighter on my head and suits my weight loss so far.

Sophie's birthday is tomorrow and the big "Fairies and their Pets" party is Saturday. It's in our backyard and I've spent way too much money on decorations and treats for the girls. There will be around 15 girls all together. I am totally insane to do this at our house--it's much CHEAPER --believe it or not-- and easier to have it somewhere else, like the gymnastics place or Chuck E Cheese. Sophie specifically requested a party in her back yard, though, so what's a mom to do? SIX is a special year. I'm doing my best to make it a special party.

So it's all about the GIRL for the next few days.

I swear, I will not have cake. I swear, I will not have cake. I swear, I will NOT have cake! ;)

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Grumpy Chair said...

That party sounds like fun!!!

Grumpette will be four in June, but we only have one playmate! So I feel really bad that she doesn't have anyone to invite . . .

Once she goes to school, we will have a longer invite list and i will probably wish for the days of small, intimate parties.

My kids do not like cake, so cake is immediately thrown out after the party.