Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 82 - 181.4 and 20 minutes running

Yesterday at the gym, I went to take the weight lifting class, but the gym had messed up the instructor schedule so there was no class. Frustrating because we all waited for 15 minutes until we heard from the front desk there was definitely no class.

So I hit the treadmill. I was determined to do 20 minutes... that magical and often dreaded place on the C25K plan when you are really pushed to RUN. I did 12 minutes at 5.0 mph, and then backed down to 4.8 and finished the last 8 minutes. Running is such a mind game for me. "One more minute and you can quit. Okay, just 5 more minutes and you can quit. Now, that wasn't so bad, just run through this song and if you need to you can quit." And so on and so on. Until before I know it, I've run 20 minutes.

Today the baby boy is sick-- fever, I hope from his two two-year-old molars coming in. So I'm completely off schedule and out of sorts and haven't even showered yet (it's 2 p.m.). Not sure if he'll be feeling okay for an hour's stay at the kid's club at the gym for my step aerobics class. I may have to put my kiddo's needs before mine and stay home instead. ;-)

I've been watching "The Biggest Loser" reruns on Style network today, 4 of them back to back, and they're on the finale from the 2004 season. I love watching people lose weight. It's like "blogworld" only on TV.

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