Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 99 - 176.4 AND SIZE 12

I can't stop looking at the label in my new shorts-- size 12.

Friday I went to Dressbarn to get something to wear for Sophie's party, and took a few 12s with me into the dressing room just in case. Everything I tried on in a 12 fit. Not everything looked good (thank you What Not to Wear-- it's not ME, it's the clothes!), but it all fit. A solid 12.

I haven't been a 12 in 12 years. That was when I was on my way UP, and now I'm on my way down, so it's a Happy Twelve instead of the Sad Twelve back in 1995.

And, the best part, in pictures from Sophie's party I actually looked like a 12. Not like the Easter Picture Disaster of just 2 months ago. But I look good. Thinner all over. I'm wearing shorts and even though my legs are white white white, they look okay. I still have a belly and big ole boobs, but my shirt (size L) buttons don't pull and gape when I stand or sit.

So I am a happy little camper today.

And Sophie's party was a hit.

1 comment:

Grumpy Chair said...

Look at the skinny lady!!!

That is so great about the size 12 shorts and size Large tops.

You have such a sweet, beautiful, slender face! And Sophie is a doll!

Laura you really look great.