Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 89 - 179.8

At last, the scale moved down. AND into a new decade. Love it when that happens.

Sophie is dizzy again today, and with me at the office. I have a weigh in at LAWL that I missed yesterday and will take her with me today. Then a haircut for her at 4 p.m., and then HOPEFULLY she'll be okay to go to the kid's club at the gym (after I pick up Luke) and I can get a workout in. I need it!

ETA: Official weigh in = 182.6, down .4 since Monday. Total loss of 24.6.


jen said...

Congrats on the new number on the scale! I agree, a new decade is exciting. :)

You've been tagged for a silly blog game. If you would like to particpate, go to this post for details.

Lori said...


That's so neat -- I knew you'd make it!