Monday, May 14, 2007

Day 86 - 180.6 - Mother's Day reflections

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here. Low 70s, sunny, low humidity. VERY unlike So. Indiana in May. So we took advantage of it.

After church, we had a quick lunch at home and then DD and I went outside and planted flowers in the front landscaping. Then DS woke up from his nap and we went in the backyard and all of us played together. DH went to a yoga class, and my mom and step-dad came over and played with the kids while I dug around in the backyard landscaping. I spent two hours with gardening gloves on, and it felt great. The kids had a blast playing in the yard with the frisbee and soccer balls and grandma and grandpa.

I then took the kids to the gym and did 30 minutes on the recumbent bike while I read Self and Shape. It was a nice break from the treadmill and I actually felt relaxed afterwards. Then DH picked up kids after Yoga and I got to see them both before my Pilates class. Pilates was taught by an instructor who just had a baby 4 weeks ago (!) and it was pretty basic and not very challenging, but really, it's about what I needed after gardening for a couple hours. This morning my glutes were hurting in places they haven't before, so she did something right!

It was a lovely Mother's Day.

P.S. I had asked DH not to buy my anything. My birthday is in April and our anniversary is in March, so by May I feel like I've gotten all the presents I need until Christmas, so we're low key about Mother's Day. He got up with the baby at 6:30 a.m., which was the only present I wanted.

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