Monday, May 07, 2007

Day 79 - 181.4 The Scale

I bought a new scale about a week ago. My old one weighed in .5 and the new one is in .2 lbs. It's also more accurate.

I put the old one in DH's bathroom so he wouldn't have to come to my bathroom and weigh. Which presents a problem, because now I have two scales in my house. Scale 'ho that I am, this morning I got on my new scale and it read 181.4. I wanted to see a lower number, because I knew the old scale weighs lighter, so I walked down to DH's bathroom and sure enough, it read 180.

So I'm not so screwed up that I plan on this being routine. But the fact that I KNEW it would be a lower number and I felt better about myself because of the FALSE READING.... what does that say about me?

I guess it says I'm pretty desperate to get this weight off. Or just plain desperate. If my naked trip down the hallway becomes a regular one, I'll know a scalectomy is in order and the old scale will end up at the curb.

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