Monday, May 14, 2007

Running Saturday

A special post to note that I kicked a$$ on the treadmill Saturday.

I went in the afternoon when it was completely dead in the gym, which was oddly peaceful. I started out watching TV while I walked (each piece of cardio equipment has it's own TV screen, and you can even play DVD movies on them--yes, it's as awesome as it sounds).

Usually I have to have my iPod music to RUN, to get my groove on and stay motivated, but Saturday TNT had "The Matrix 2" playing, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that movie. If I could be any movie character, it would be Trinity from the Matrix. Not because of Keanu Reeves, but because of her awesome body, killer black outfit, and amazing fight scenes. She's da bomb.

Watching the Matrix and listening to the music soundtrack was way better than my iPod mix. First, the fight scenes and chase scenes are practically all music anyway, so I still got my pounding beat in my ears. But mostly, while running and watching Trinity on the motorcycle on the freeway, I felt like I was on there with her! It is nutty, but I felt transported and barely noticed I was running.

I ended up running a total of 30 minutes (5 min run, 2 min walk, 5 min run , 2 min walk, 12 min run (ONE mile!), 2 min walk, 8 min run) all at 5 mph. My total time was 52 minutes and 4.0 miles. The most I've done on the treadmill so far.

I was on such a high. Truly, I could have kept going and going and going. But I had kids to take home and a husband waiting to see us. I'll have to bring my Matrix DVD with me next time to experience that again. I'm not ready for the leather cat suit yet, but maybe someday........

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