Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Day 81 - 182 - Goals

My weight is up a bit today, not sure why. Ah, well, such is the life of the dieter. Onward and downward.
So I've been thinking about my GOALS, after reading a few other blogs and noticing a recurring theme that successful losers set and achieve their goals. Here are a few of mine:

Weigh 145 pounds (acceptable)
Weigh 135 pounds (better)
Weigh 125 pounds (ultimate)

Run a 5K
Run my city's Half Marathon in Oct 2008
Run Indianapolis's Half Marathon in April 2009

Have defined arm and leg muscles that look great in shorts and sleeveless shirts

Play with my kids by the pool or on the beach-- in a bathing suit-- without being self conscious

KEEP the weight off for the rest of my life

Help others lose weight and achieve their goals, either through volunteer work or by teaching classes (not sure how this will work, just know it's something I want to do)

Inspire my children to be healthy and active

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Grumpy Chair said...

Great goals! Best of all, you know you will meet them.