Monday, May 21, 2007

Day 93- 177.8

It's been a good week for weight loss for me. The scale at home has been steadily moving down. At today's weigh in at LAWL, I was down 2.6 pounds from last Monday. My "official" weight at LA is 180.4, a total loss of 26.8.

And the loss is really showing in my clothes. My bras are too big around my rib cage-- I measured the band area of my body, and it's 33" (my boobs have not shrunk yet, though-- still a 39" chest). So I need 34DDD bras. I'm suffering through with my 36DD's for now, because that's the last thing I want to spend money on.

My XL tops are getting too big; my XL stretchy black pants look really nice on me. I tried on a size 16 straight skirt in the back of my closet this morning, and it was huge on me. My workout pants are baggy, but that's not such a bad thing! I'm wearing workout tanks to the gym that fit, which I have from 5 years ago--the last time I was working out semi-regularly--so I look okay at the gym.

Naked, I still have HUGE thighs and butt (those will probably never be like I want them unless I get liposuction, which ain't happenin' anytime soon), but my back fat rolls are almost all gone, my stomach isn't "flat" but it's looking a lot better. My arm muscles are looking more defined and I am noticing my collar bone more.

Another cool perk to this weight loss is my running is getting closer to effortless. Not that I don't exert myself, just that I can run for 10 minutes at a time and I don't feel like I'm dying. I actually enjoy myself while running. I WANT to run. It's really cool.

Now, all this sounds like I've got it ALL together food wise and exercise wise. Nope. It's a struggle right now. I still want to deal with my stress by eating, and I have slipped a few times (the slips just don't involve Ben & Jerry's and have been in the 200-400 calorie range). When the craziness happens in life, I really want to hit the gym. But I don't have the option of just flying out of the house at any given moment to go for a run. So sometimes, I use food. A little food, but it's still food.

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Grumpy Chair said...

Laura you are doing so great. I love that feeling of putting on clothes and they all are too baggy. Yay you!!

Keep the momentum going and before you know it, we will be reading about your maintenance stage.