Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 190 - 159.4 - Jeans

I may still be 15 pounds away from goal, but I'm wearing skinny jeans today.

Last week I decided I needed a pair of jeans, so I got on a jean fitting website and found that Old Navy has a pair that should fit my body well. I have a shape where if pants fit in the hips, they gap hugely at the back of my waist. Guess? jeans were huge when I was in high school in the glorious '80s, and even though I wasn't fat, I felt like a total jeans failure because I had a curvy body and Guess? jeans were made for stick figures. I think I got a size 11 on, but they looked horrible because of the giant waist band.

Anyway, jeans and I have had a long history of not getting along. My last pair fit me relatively well, and I totally lucked into them--a size 16 Levi's that I found at JCPenney that even the sales lady said shouldn't have been in her department because they were too "young looking." They were low(er) waisted, which turns out is exactly what I need for jeans to fit me well.

At Old Navy last week, I tried on 4 different styles in 12s and had a couple 10s just in case. The Flirt Flare is the pair that fit, in a size 10. They are mid-waisted, don't gap at all, and don't pinch any muffin-top over the waist band. I've got a black cap sleeved v-neck t-shirt on, with a black belt.

I feel like a skinny girl today. If I don't lose any more weight, and can just hold on to this feeling, I'd be okay with that.


Tigerlilly said...

Woooohooooo.... I love those 'skinny days'!! It just makes everything seem so much better, doesn't it?

I really wish that the closest Old Navy wasn't 3.5 hours away... :(

Vickie said...

I did the jeans' site and they came up with a list of 9 styles of jeans. I am adding this to my list of stuff to do on a day when I don't know quite what to do with myself. Very fun to take list to mall and try on jeans. There were only a few brands on the list that I had heard of (Gap, Levi) and I have never tried on even 1 of the 9 suggested. And the ones I am wearing - DKNY - interestingly weren't even on the list.

ws said...

Glad to hear you found a pair of skinny jeans that fit...Old Navy always seems to smell a particular way, I hate going in there.

when I was heavier, I hated jeans. And, I truly believed karma existed because the first time I ever wore jeans to my old job was in August 2003 when we had the massive blackout in NYC. Spending a night in jeans in hot conditions and no A/C was torture.

jen said...

Congratulations on the skinny-jeans feeling! Sounds like you and I have similar body types. It seems like there are more clothes that fit this type in the stores than there were before.

I am going to be sad if high-high waisted jeans, like the ones that are starting to be trendy now, are all that is in the stores. They look and feel terrible when I wear them.

I love the Gap Curvy fit jeans -- haven't tried the Old Navy ones. Ann Taylor Loft has a curvy fit jean that also fits me well.

Lori said...

Congratulations on your skinny little jeans! Whoo whoo!

I'm not even going over to that website. It would explode trying to figure out what size I needed, LOL. Keep up the good work!