Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 189 - 159.8 - A short workout and a chocolate attack

A funny thing happened on the way to the gym yesterday....

Actually, a couple of things, which conspired against me to ensure I only worked out 15 minutes. I had planned to do 60 minutes, with some running but mostly walking, and was dressed and leaving the office at 4 p.m. I peaked my head into my husband's office to tell him I was going (we work together) and he said he wished I was staying so I could help him with an email.

Okay, I thought. He could just ASK instead of wish these things, but men, whatcha gonna do? So I stayed and helped for about 20 minutes. That set me back but I figured I could still get a good 40 minutes in.

Then as I'm walking to the car I see a lightening bolt and 2 seconds later a huge clap of thunder. Uh oh.... the drops started to hit my head before I got to the car. On my 3 minute drive to the gym it started to pour down rain with some hail thrown in the mix. I got to the gym and sat in my car for 10 minutes watching the wind and rain and listening to the ping-ping-ping of the hail. It calmed down enough that I decided to bite the bullet and get out of the car. I was able to keep my umbrella open, but my shoes and socks got soaked.

The funniest thing-- there was a sign on the counter that said "POOL IS CLOSED." I got my belly laugh for the day at that one. The guy working the check-in counter said they put it up when the lightening started, before the rain, but I just couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of such a sign during a raging storm.

So I filled my water bottle, retied my shoes, grabbed a towel and hit the treadmill. I ran one mile in 10:30, which is a fast pace for me. I walked a few minutes to warm up and cool down, stretched, and left about 17 minutes after I'd entered the gym.

It wasn't much, but it was better than completely giving up. My leg muscles are still really sore today, but they felt fine while I was running. So, not sure what today holds, workout wise.

I did great yesterday with food, until last night. I totally had a chocolate attack. I've got a lot of stress with work right now and it's just been building and building, and I caved and had 1/2 pint of Edy's chocolate ice cream that was left over from Sophie's slumber party last Friday night (we did fun foods--pizza crackers the girls made themselves, Jiffy Pop popcorn, and chocolate ice cream. Cornerstones of a sleep over with your best friend!), 2 SlimFast chocolate snacks, and a cereal bar. About 650 calories in 10 minutes. Frankly, I felt better. It's sad, but food is still my drug of choice when I'm really in need of a fix.


Grumpy Chair said...

Such dedication! I think a 10 minute workout is a lot better than no workout.

You are braver than me, because I refuse to walk on the treadmill during a thunderstorm.

I keep Hershey candy bars in the refrigerator for the kids and I have never been tempted until several days ago and I ate one. Since chocolate can trigger a bad headache, I am very good abut staying away from it, but that one day out of the month . . .I crave chocolate.

ws said...

10 minutes is definitely better than nothing at all. maybe that is why the morning workout goes so well, rarely does real life intervene at 4am.

ws said...

thank you for your comment - one of my favorite activities is burying comment responses on old posts!

am I strong soul? I'm not sure, but I've done some dumb things. And, if you saw the posts from this weekend when I was talking about vertigo and my tendency towards blackouts, I have at least a little understanding of the seizure type experience. I'm not ashamed of what I've done, but I wouldn't run to a doctor and say that I think the blackouts were because of drug use. However, I haven't had an episode since I stopped and I know that I engage in activities that physically tax my body and could cause similar problems.

I definitely went through some rough times - unfortunately, I drank myself silly through a lot of them as well. As long as I forget where I put my car keys, I'm usually OK, but I know it isn't a good coping mechanism. I still struggle too, and though I see my weaknesses/flaws/insecurities in myself when I look in the mirror, it turns out people who know me without knowing my past see someone capable and confident. Your children will grow up to see the same strong qualities in your husband, too.